Gloxy 62mm Telephoto Lens 2X Black

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  • Telephoto lens converter
  • Compatible with 62mm diameter
  • Ideal for nature photography
SKU: VDTS-3772   MPN: GXTP62  EAN: 8436537140087

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The Gloxy 62mm Telephoto Lens 2X Black makes objects, that may in reality have lots of distance between them look as if they could be closer together. The longer the focal length, the more evident the outcome will be. Maybe you have been on trips with your DSLR and hoped the lens you had connected could possibly zoom in just a tiny bit more? That increased reach could be helpful in lots of occasions, however for many of us a new lens is out of our spending budget, and so what exactly could a photographer do?

Product features:

  • With this lens you will enjoy x2 times the optical zoom of your camera.
  • The lens uses high quality crystal optics.
  • Ideal for sport and nature photography and more.
  • Focus up close to your subject from long distances.
  • The Gloxy lens is fully HD compatible (High Definition).

A remedy for the issue is to get yourself a teleconverter for your lens. Teleconverters (at times referred to as extenders or multipliers) are in general significantly more affordable in comparison with a new lens. Telephoto lenses will in addition move a far-away subject nearer to you, this means you can obtain frame-filling shots of wildlife, or of a certain element of the landscape that is too far in the distance to capture normally.

If you would like to attract awareness of a specific factor that might be lost if shot using a wider focal length, use a telephoto lens to separate the subject. You can accomplish this with shorter focal lengths however the longer reach of a telephoto means you can easily isolate a subject some distance from wherever you are shooting from.

Using a Gloxy 62mm Telephoto Lens you are able to acquire shots that appear as if you had been just a couple of steps away from your subject, when actually you had were some distance away. This distance suggests your subject will not be frightened away and if you're shooting what could possibly be regarded as as a dangerous animal, this length will make it less dangerous for the camera operator.

Gloxy 62mm Telephoto Lens 2X Black

Before (Without the Gloxy telephoto lens)

Gloxy 62mm Telephoto Lens 2X Black

After  (With the Gloxy telephoto lens)

Shooting head or head and shoulder shots if employing a longer focal length provides an improved perspective and provides for a tighter crop any time working further away from the subject. This distance also means you won't have to work too close to the subject and for that reason they will be more at ease, and you should obtain much more natural looking portraits.

Additional Info

Model GXTP62
Product details
Conversion Factor 2.0x
Compatibility 58mm, 62mm and 67mm
Weight 120 g

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