PhotoPOINTS: Save with every purchase

What are PhotoPOINTS ?

PhotoPOINTS are our way of rewarding your trust and loyalty. Buy products on Photo24 and gain PhotoPOINTS for every order and use them the next time you return to our store. Every Pound you spend on Photo24 will earn you 1 PhotoPOINT, for every 100 PhotoPOINTS you save £1 on your next purchase.

ou can also earn PhotoPOINTS in other ways, such as sharing videos of our products or testing  products that you've purchased.

Do not hesitate! Choose for your shopping needs and save on every order .

How do I get them?

You can start earning PhotoPOINTS and save even more in your orders in the following ways:


1. Write a review for items you have purchased: 120 PhotoPOINTS

When you write a small review about an item you've purchased, you'll be helping other customers to choose an item they haven't tried yet. You will also help us offer our customers an even better service. You can only write reviews about items you have purchased in our online shop: this is the only way to make sure your opinion is true and based on your own experience. You will receive an email one week after purchasing your order where we will ask you to write your review.



2. Answer questions about products in our shop: 100 PhotoPOINTS

By answering questions from other clients, you will help them resolve doubts they may have about a certain item. Answers will be moderated to ensure quality answers. You can also ask questions about items, but you will not receive PhotoPOINTS or that.



How can I use may PhotoPOINTS?

The points can be redeemed during the checkout process. You can choose how many PhotoPOINTS you want to exchange at any time during the purchase process on the payment information step, taking into account the maximum balance that can be redeemed is 300 PhotoPOINTS.

The discount is applied to the subtotal of the order, which does not include shipping or extra costs.


How can I check my balance?

You can check your PhotoPOINTS balance anytime in My Account > PhotoPOINTS .


When do my PhotoPOINTS expire?

PhotoPOINTS are valid for 180 calendar days.