Gloxy 58mm Telephoto Lens 2X

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  • Telephoto lens converter
  • Compatible with 58mm cameras
  • Ideal for nature photography
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The Gloxy 58mm Telephoto Lens is the type of conversion lens you need if you have been traveling with your DSLR and wish the lens you had set up on to the camera could zoom in just a little more? This extra reach could be beneficial in a number of occasions.

At least one answer to the problem is to consider shopping for a teleconverter for the lens. Teleconverters have a tendency to be generally less high priced if compared to buying a standard telephoto lens.

Gloxy 58mm Telephoto Lens 2X

Product features:

  • With this lens you will enjoy x2 the optical zoom of your camera.
  • The lens uses high quality crystal optics.
  • Ideal for sport, nature photography and more.
  • Focus up close to your subject from long distances.
  • The Gloxy lens is fully HD compatible (High Definition).

This kind of Gloxy telephoto lens extends the distance among objects and the longer the focal length, the far more distinct the result will be. It's a useful lens in case you have city views or hills in the backdrop, this lens presents you with a much more intriguing and eye-catching shot in the event the subject is drawn only just a little closer to to the object nearest the lens, such as a hill or building, regardless of what is the main point of focus.

A telephoto lens may even move a far-away subject even closer to you, in order to obtain frame-filling shots of animals or of a distinctive area of the landscape that is too far away in order to get close to.


Gloxy 58mm Telephoto Lens 2X ; Gloxy 58mm Telephoto Lens 2X

Before (Without the Gloxy telephoto lens)                     After (With the Gloxy telephoto lens)

If you would like to deliver awareness of a particular subject that is lost if shot with a wider focal length, make use of a Gloxy telephoto lens to segregate the subject. This is often completed with shorter focal lengths even so, the longer reach of a telephoto lens typically means you could possibly isolate a subject which is some way away from wherever you are shooting from.

By using a Gloxy telephoto lens it is easy to get shots that seem that you are just a few steps away from the subject, when in reality you had been some distance away. This distance generally implies your the subject most likely will not be scared and if you're shooting what could be viewed as a dangerous animal, due to the distance, it is significantly less dangerous.

Shooting head or head and shoulder shots may offer a far greater perspective and makes it possible for a tighter crop anytime working further away from the subject. This distance would mean you won't need to work close to the subject and so, they are more at ease, and you will then shoot more genuine looking portraits.

Additional Info

Model TP58
Product details
Conversion Factor 2.0x
Adapter rings included Yes
Diameter rings 52 mm, 55 mm
Weight 120 g
Front Lens Diameter (mm) 62 mm

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Gloxy 58mm Telephoto Lens 2X What's included

  • Gloxy 58mm Telephoto Lens 2X
  • Front and rear lens caps
  • Carry case
  • Diameter rings of 52 mm, 55 mm