Visico Snoot SN-303

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  • The Snoot can concentrate light at a given point
  • Includes honeycomb and color filters
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A Visico Snoot SN-303 is a coned shaped spot-light adapter accessory that attaches to the flash head and allows concentrated light to be focused in a particular area and maintains it from spreading.

By attaching the Visico Snoot SN-303 to the flash head it will help to change the flash output angle (usually is about 120 ° ) you can then direct the light to a specific area. This Visico Snoot SN-303 is generally used when you want to emphasize the light on some part of our subject / object being photographed. It is ideal to highlight a cause or isolate a specific target.

Visico Snoot SN-303

The Visico Snoot SN-303 includes a honeycomb and 4 color filters. Change the shape of the lighting source with the color filters which are in green, red, yellow and blue.

Product Features :

  • The snoot is coupled to the flash head and concentrates the light in a certain place, like a spot of light.
  • By using the Visico Snoot SN-303 we reduce the flash output by concentrating light at a given point.
  • It is a very useful accessory for driving the light that can highlight a cause or isolate an object.
  • This Visico Snoot SN-303 includes a honeycomb and 4 colour filters of green, red, yellow and blue.
  • By combining the snoot, honeycomb and color filters very creative effects are obtained.

Visico Snoot SN-303

The Visico Snoot SN-303 includes a honeycomb filter and 4 colour filters of green, red, yellow and blue

A spotlight adapter is especially appropriate for product photography or as effect lighting for portrait photography. Put it to use as highlighted background light or highlight objects. It packages your light in a fashion that you can partly illuminate fractions of the motif or particular subject and creates a narrow lustre cone which is well suited for hair and effect lighting as well as for placing emphasis on a particular subject, by blending the color filters some very creative effects can be obtained.

Additional Info

SKU DI3142
Colour Black
System-Anschluss Aurora/Bowens
Materials Aluminium

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Visico Snoot SN-303 What's included

  • Visico Snoot SN-303
  • Honeycomb and colour filters