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Matin Sensor Cleaning Kit for BlackMagic Cinema EF

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  • The most effective and safe way to clean your sensor
  • Dry cleaning without liquid or alcohol
  • Two brushes using different sizes; adapt to the surface
  • Gentle cleaning for CMOS or CCD sensors for your DSLR
  • Will not lose quality after use or cleaned; long life
Sensor cleaning kit
SKU: 0712160899   MPN: M-6361  EAN: 8809022699818

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There are a number of ways to clean the sensor in a DSLR camera, but none as effective and as carefully as this.The Matin brand has developed a kit with a unique approach to cleaning the sensor. Dry cleaning brushes tipped with adhesive qualities provide the most satisfactory cleaning solution, for industry professionals and amateurs.

Sensor cleaning kit

Product features: 

  • Manufactured with Polyurethane; dry cleaning provides total care
  • Adhesive qualities; fully washable without losing quality
  • Uses no liquids or alcohol; greater security
  • Specially designed for CMD or CMOS sensors
  • Maintains the quality of your DSLR camera
  • Two brushes of different sizes to adapt to the entire surface

The steps are simple. Before you start cleaning it´s recommended to clean the outside area of the lens with a blower brush as well as inside the camera after removing the lens. Try to not raise the mirror. This is a recommendation; so you can make sure that the sensor does not get soiled after cleaning with the Matin M-6361 Sensor Cleaning Kit.

Cleaning sensor kit
Cleaning sensor kit


The first thing you have to do to access it is to lock the mirror; This can usually be done from the camera menu by selecting this option. To begin with use the larger square brush tip, using small and soft touches on the sensor so that the dirt left sticks to the brush; all the dust is then stuck to the Matin brush. The other brush included in the kit is specially designed for the corners.


Cleaning sensor kit
Cleaning sensor kit


Once you have finished using it; make the same movements using the included cleaning stickers; these are responsible for removing all the dirt stuck to the brushes so that you can reuse. You can also wash both brushes with cold water, the uses of the brushes are endless and always provide the maximum potential for cleaning the sensor. After cleaning with cold water, the brushes will maintain their adhesive qualities.

Cleaning sensor kit
Cleaning sensor kit


If you decide to clean brushes and stickers with water, remember to allow them dry. You can dry it with a hair dryer but it is best to let them dry out naturally. Subsequently keep the brushes in the provided case so no external dust or dirt will affect them. The case has a strong closure as it´s responsible for keeping them intact and clean for the next use.


How do I know if my sensor needs cleaning?

To check this we can reveal a few simple steps; first select the aperture priority mode or select a smaller aperture (this is usually in many cases f/22), then make sure the ISO sensitivity is set to the minimum (in most cases ISO 100), it then focuses at infinity (manual focus) and take a snapshot of the sky. We need a homogeneous background to notice the spots. Look at the following example of dust sensor spots:

Cleaning sensor kit

Check in simple steps to see if the sensor of your camera needs cleaning



Do not press hard when using the brushes on the sensor
This system is not effective for removing grease stains
Clean brushes before further use; never use dirty brushes on the sensor
Do not use chemicals or alcohol
Do leave exposed to the sun

Additional Info

SKU 0712160899
Model M-6361
Product Type Dry-cleaning
Material Polyurethane
Included 1 Large brush tip + 1 Small brush tip + Adhesive Cleaners + Protective Case
Cleaning swabs 2

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