Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS IF UMC Wide Angle Lens Olympus

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  • Very bright lens
  • Angle of view of 84º
  • Ideal for landscape photography
SKU: DI2770   MPN: SAM24MMF14O  EAN: 8809298885502

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The Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS IF UMC Wide Angle Lens Olympus is a bright stream-lined lens, lightweight and intended specifically for Olympus cameras using APS-C and full-frame sensor. This wide-angle lens is bright with a maximum aperture of f/1.4 that is perfect for working in low light conditions and is an excellent lens for architectural, interior, landscape and panoramic photography.

This Samyang manual focus wide angle lens can easily get a lot of the image in to the frame, providing a terrific depth of field and has a tendency to exaggerate the perspective of the subjects. The lens is suited perfectly for photography of monuments, buildings, landscapes, interiors and panoramic views when it´s difficult to contain all elements in to the composition.

Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS IF UMC Wide Angle Lens Olympus

Photograph by Ole Christian Salomonsen


Product features:

  • This wide-angle lens is compact and light-weight to carry.
  • Ideal lens for landscape, architecture, interior, sports and panoramic photography.
  • Very bright lens, ideal when working in low light situations.
  • The optical structure of this Samyang lens includes 4 low dispersion elements to reduce chromatic aberrations and two aspherical elements to prevent spherical aberrations.
  • The lenses have a number of layers of anti-reflective UMC coatings to guarantee optimal light transmission and contrast to increase the quality of the photographs.

The high brightness of the Samyang enables shooting in low light and increases the opportunity to capture creative compositions. The brightness of this lens includes a maximum aperture of f/1.4, in conjunction with 8 diaphragm blades (creating an almost perfect circle) the lens permits a superb bokeh (background blur) effect.

The optics of the Samyang consists of 13 elements organized in to 12 groups with an additional 4 low dispersion elements to lower chromatic aberrations and two aspherical elements for reducing spherical aberrations. The lens has numerous layers of anti-reflective coating (UMC) to be sure of optimum light transmission, to increase quality and contrast in photos and obtain reliable colour reproduction.

 Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS IF UMC Wide Angle Lens Olympus

Photograph by Wesley Wong

A misconception individuals can make is they believe wide-angle lenses are generally made use of when you can not get far enough away from the subject, yet still like to capture all of the subject in one single camera frame. Still, if you were to purely use it for this particular shot you would be getting left behind. Wide angle lenses are generally used for the opposite, from time to time when you wish to get closer to the subject.

A wide angle of view suggests that equally the relative size and distance is exaggerated if observing near and far objects. This will make objects nearby appear to be large, and objects far away will look extraordinarily tiny and far-away. Just as with all wide angle lenses the closer that you are, the bigger the subject will appear in the frame and the more impact the photo will give.

Additional Info

SKU DI2770
Model SAM24MMF14O
Lens type Wide Angle
Sensor APS-C and Full-Frame
Camera mount Olympus 4/3
Samyang Cine No
Minimum aperture f/22
Maximum aperture f/1.4
Fixed Focal Length 24 mm
Minimum focus distance 0,25 m
Lens structure (elements / groups) 13/12
Number of diaphragm blades 8
Number of low dispersion lenses 4
Number of ASP aspherical hybrid lenses 2
Diameter mmm 77 mm
Image stabilizer No
Angle of view 84 °
Autofocus motor USM Anular
Approach Manual
Lens hood Yes
Protective cover Yes
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 97,5 x 83 mm
Weight 580 g
Colour Black

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Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS IF UMC Wide Angle Lens Olympus What's included

  • Samyang 24mm f/1.4 ED AS IF UMC Wide Angle Lens Olympus
  • Lens hood