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Raynox HD-3035 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X

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  • Ideal for sport photography
  • Instant semi-fish eye lens
  • Coated optical glass elements
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The Raynox HD-3035 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X connects to camcorders and cameras, the wide angle coefficient is 0.3x that delivers a 25% wider angle and provides full zoom through functionality. It is a semi-fisheye converter lens which attaches upon the exterior of the lens.

This Raynox semi-fisheye lens offers interesting and unique characteristics, it gives a density of visual information which in any other case would be inaccessible to the naked eye, even if fitted with a wide-angle lens. The extreme barrel-shaped bending of the image, is similar to viewing a globe.

 Raynox HD-3035 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X

Product features:

  • Ideal for sport, action and landscape photography.
  • Encompass more of the image easily into the frame.
  • Coated lenses remove glare and assure for clear images.
  • Achieves a 25% wider angle.

The primary distinction amongst a fisheye (circular) and semi-fisheye (rectilinear) is regarding the shape of the image alone and just how much of the frame the image occupies. This Raynox lens provides you with an extreme wide angle perspective having an eye catching fisheye result.

The Raynox HD-3035 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X are somewhere between true fisheye lenses & wide-angle lenses, they display a curving of images in the corners, however, not as exaggerated as genuine fisheye lenses.

It´s easy to photograph the inside a confined space using this lens, especially the inside of buildings, the lens allows large coverage of landscapes and is very easy to use, simply point at the image you want to shoot, as the lens encompasses so much in its frame you can´t really go wrong.

Another great way to use a semi-fisheye lens is in close distance sports or any kind of action photography. This sort of lens has been used a long time to record skateboarders, for both close up and distance shots that appear very impressive. Fisheye lenses are wider than wide-angle lenses usually which have a field of view around 180 degrees or higher for curving of images takes place, particularly in the four corners of the frame.

Raynox HD-3035 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X

These images were taken using a Sony DCR-HC40 DVCAM camera with and without the Raynox conversion lens connected, from the same distance.

Raynox HD-3035 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X

With the Raynox MX-3035 Semi-fisheye lens 0.3x

This adapter supplies a 25% wider angle of view for smaller areas and provides wide vistas. Employing a magnification of a nominal 0.3x the lens provides a lens construction of 1G / 1E, and the surfaces of the lens are totally coated to lower glare, undesirable reflections and improve contrast.

Raynox semi-fisheye lenses are ideal for shooting in a confined area and enable you to fit more in to the frame, such as in the interior of a plane or car, this type of lens was originally created to be used in astronomy to observe the sky as it encapsulates a lot of the image.

Additional Info

Product details
Conversion Factor 0.3x
Adapter rings included Yes
Diameter rings 27 / 30 / 30.5 / 34 / 43mm
Weight 143

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