Raynox 62mm HD-7062PRO Wide Angle Converter Lens 0.7X

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  • Wide angle lens converter
  • Compatible with 62mm lenses
  • Ideal for landscape photography
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The Raynox 62mm HD-7062PRO Wide Angle Converter Lens 0.7x is a top quality wide angle conversion lens that's created from high index optical glass elements with the help of a three-group, three-element lens formula. This means you get an astounding high quality wide angle lens of 540 lines/mm resolution. It is meant for the entire zoom area and maintains focus.

Normally a wide-angle lens uses a focal length which is shorter, and as a result wider, in comparison with normal conventional lenses. This results to focal lengths of 35mm or shorter, whenever working in 35mm or full-frame format, which will create an angle of view which can be larger than those seen with the human eye.

Raynox 62mm HD-7062PRO Wide Angle Converter Lens 0.7X

 The Raynox 62mm HD-7062PRO Wide Angle Converter Lens is a budget way of obtaining wide angle photographs


Product features:

  • Coated optical glass elements improve image quality
  • Capture amazing wide angle images for a budget price
  • Ideal lens for landscape, sport, monument photography and more
  • No lowering of light value if the conversion lens is connected on the camera's lens
  • Front lens diameter: 82mm


A wide-angle lens will allow you to contain considerably more of the scene inside the frame and supplies greater depth of field at small apertures, in contrast to standard or telephoto lenses.

This Raynox 62mm lens has visual appeal but also provides sway on how the subject in the frame is taken, generally being exaggerated or marginally altered, the closer the subject is to the camera position.

Yet provided that you keep your wide-angle lens square to the subject to decrease distortion, this one of a kind perspective is notably suitable for shooting groups of people, property, wedding receptions, architecture, for that matter anything that you must squeeze in to the frame.

Raynox 62mm wide angle converter lenses are at the same time suitable for inside smaller locations when physical space will be limited and you simply can't back away. Wide-angle lenses can capture the room around an indoor space when you wish to add in architectural elements, outside of the normal three-quarter shots. For environmental portraits, these types of lenses are excellent.


Raynox 62mm HD-7062PRO Wide Angle Converter Lens 0.7X
With a Raynox 62mm HD-7062PRO Lens you can fit much more in to the frame

The Raynox lens has a 3-group / 3-element lens construction with an anti-reflection coating over all surfaces, it raises the image quality drastically and delivers considerably more light for a brighter picture, eradicates the strayed beams at the edges of lens decreasing the aberration effects for more significant and sharper image quality.

It certainly shows the differentiation of Raynox lens elements from the opposition that are not even covered and not properly treated. You will have no decrease of light value any time this conversion lens is connected to the camera's lens.

Additional Info

Model HD-7062
Product details
Conversion Factor 0,7x
Compatibility Lenses of 62mm diameter
Weight 0.313 kg
Front Lens Diameter (mm) 82 mm

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