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Hoya R72 Infrared Filter

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  • Enter the world of infrared technology
  • Get attractive and astonishing effects
  • Suitable for both colour photography and B/W 
  • Blocks visible light and lets infrared light pass
  • This filter is recommended by professional photographers
  • Choose the appropriate diameter for your lens
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Have you ever heard people talk about infrared photography? maybe it's time to find out what´s going on and why it's so popular ... its magic in both the process and outcome; see some magical colours that we usually don´t get to see, with a few simple steps. Its effect is also widely used in black-and-white, you can get several different effects. The result is always the same, we either use colour photography or black and white: now you can get different results that create an impact and leave you stunned... - "Just how did you get that  picture?" - the question we all want to hear ...

Hoya R72 Infrared Filter

Photograph by Björn Wunderlich taken with the Hoya R72 Filter


Product features:

  • Blocks the visible light spectrum and permits IR above 720nm.
  • Get different effects in both colour and black and white.
  • Ideal for landscapes with a green coloured predominance.
  • Use the Hoya R72 filter to perform infrared techniques in simple steps.
  • Use a tripod, long exposure times and small touches on the computer.
  • Make a difference to your work and stand out from the crowd.
  • The Hoya R72 filter is the filter most recommended by professionals.

Hoya R72 Infrared Filter

Photograph by Shutter Wide Shut taken with the Hoya R72 Filter

If you want to take pictures like these, you just need a camera, a tripod, and this Hoya R72 filter, this is the filter most recommended by professionals in infrared photography. Hoya is a prestigious brand that offers you a high-quality filter that ensures you spectacular results. Its effect is highly recommended for both colour and black and white photography. 

Hoya R72 Infrared FilterThe Hoya Infrared filter is recommended by professional photographers.

Infrared filters block light from the visible spectrum, i.e what we see. And passes only infrared light, that is invisible to us. This allows you to get these new effects in your photography.

Hoya R72 Infrared Filter

It blocks the visible spectrum and passes only infrared light 

For infrared photography you just need a camera and a tripod, plus an infrared filter. A remote control is recommended but not strictly necessary (you can use the camera timer). You must focus the photograph and frame it before placing the filter onto the lens, just select a standard opening aperture and a long exposure time. We recommend using a remote control or failing that, a camera timer to avoid vibration and image blur, since we are using a slow shutter speed. If you are taking a colour photograph be aware of white balance.

Hoya R72 Infrared Filter

Do as many tests you need to get a picture with predominant red. Once we have our red colored photograph we can start editing; if for example you use Photoshop you only have to open the Image tab, settings and channel mixer. Once there, with the output channel selected in red, adjust the blue colour to 100% and red to 0%. Now select the output channel in blue, and repeat the action in reverse; adjust the red colour to 100% and 0% to blue. You don´t need to adjust the green colour. Then add some final adjustments of levels and colours to your liking ... and there you go! They'll love the results!

Hoya R72 Infrared Filter

Photograph by Edwin Martinez taken with the Hoya R72 Filter

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