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Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm

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  • ND16 neutral density filter that reduces the light in 4 steps
  • Open the shutter and use a longer exposure time
  • Compatible with 58mm diameter lenses
  • Optical glass: high-quality results
SKU: DI3903   MPN: Gloxy ND1658  EAN: 8436537142128

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Get impressive exposures for landscapes and portraits

The Gloxy ND16 neutral density filter is a grey filter which reduces the quantity of light that goes through the sensor of your camera with no need to change its adjustments. This reduction will provide you a great flexibility to modifiy the shutter aperture or the exposure time. ND filters are used to shoot landscapes with an intense light or create artistics effects such as blurry water from rivers and waterfalls, for example. The Gloxy ND16 filter is also used in portrait photographyfor which a shallow depth of field is more convenient.

Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm

That is the reason why the Gloxy ND filter is a must-have accessory, especially to create effects such as blurry water, objects in motion, trails, moving skies, etc. And it will also be useful for shooting in daylight. The light reduction provided by this filter is appropriate for daylight exposure and it can help you to adapt to sunlight conditions.

Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm

Product features:

  • Reduces the amount of light that goes through the lens of your camera, no need to change the settings
  • Reduces light intensity by 16 stops
  • This light reduction enables you to increase exposure time or shutter aperture
  • Helpful to create motion effects, reduce field depth or create blurry waterfalls
  • Ultra thin filter with multi-layer coating to avoid reflections
  • HD compatible

Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm

Essential in your travel equipment

The blurry water effect is one of the great effects you can get by using a low shutter speed. To get the blurry water effect and reflect its movement on the picture, you need a little light or a filter which reduces light penetration.

Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm

On the left: without ND filter ; on the right: with ND filter


You will be able to reflect the movement of water in a natural, attractive and thrilling way.

Hoy can I do that?

You can increase exposure time. Choose a low shutter speed, from one to two seconds, then enjoy amazing effects such as silky water, blurry clouds and light trails with no fear of overexposures.

Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm

With a long exposure and a Gloxy ND filter attached to your lens, you will get amazing results as shown above. Picture by Tom Hall 

Avoid overexposure when you want to open the shutter or use a longer exposure time with the Gloxy neutral density filter. It reduces light penetration by two steps. With this filter attached to your lens, you will be able to get  amazing results, especially in daylight sessions, when the light is very intense. You will enjoy more effects such as cloud trails, light trails, etc.

Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm

On the left picture, with a bigger aperture and the use of a ND filter, the background is blurry 

With this Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm , you can improve the quality of your pictures. Obtain some effects which you cannot get in post-production. Screw it on your lens and enjoy! It provides a 2-step light reduction. The special anti-reflective coating and the compatibility with HD photos and videos, should also be mentionned. 


Additional Info

SKU DI3903
Model Gloxy ND1658
Technical Details
Diameter mmm 58 mm
Filter type ND
XS (Ultra Thin) Yes
Colour Grey

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Gloxy Neutral Density ND16 Filter 58mm What's included

  • Gloxy ND4 Neutral Density Filter
  • Protective case