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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

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  • Reduce the amount of light reaching the camera sensor
  • 8 Neutral density filters in 1
  • Ideal to create "silk" or "fuzzy" effects
  • Avoids overexposure
  • Suitable for 77mm diameter lenses
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The most versatile ND filter in the market

The Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm is a grey filter that will diminish the quantity of light is received through the camera sensor whilst not affecting the parameters of the camera. This kind of reduction in luminosity provides terrific flexibility to improve the aperture or exposure time. These types of solid neutral density filters are created to decrease the quantity of light reaching the sensor as a way to improve exposure times, without having an impact on the color of the photo.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

Sometimes you may have a correctly exposed picture where the dark areas tend to be dimly lit and the highlights significantly brighter as compared to your perception of   the original scene. In such cases, considerable post-processing is normally needed to balance the tones and allow a satisfying end result. Using a fader filter could help both the technical quality of the photo, along with cutting your workload (nothing to touch up or change) after the photo has been taken. The Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm does not substantially affect the photo that your camera captures, however it just slows down the time frame it will require for the sensor to record the image.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

Product features:

  • The Gloxy ND Variable Filter is appropriate for digital cameras that use lenses using a 77mm thread.
  • It is also possible to use 8 stops by merely turning the filter and leaving it on the stop that you need.
  • Perfect for extreme illuminations and shutter speeds.
  • Multiple coated high quality optics.
  • Very thin, only 9.6mm.
  • No vignetting, simply perfect for photos of waterfalls, waves, where you want a soft water effect, to produce moving objects disappear using long exposures, etc.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

Picture by Davide Arizzi

Get creative exposures in your landscape and portraits

When you turn the Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm, you will notice the filter will change from very light to very dark (virtually black), this will enable you to use 8 filters from ND2 to ND400.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

However, if this filter is applied when factors of your scene are moving, for instance water, clouds or perhaps people, these open up a world of creative possibilities. ND filtration systems supply you with the freedom to set the aperture and shutter speed you choose, as opposed to what the conditions dictate. A Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm allows a 8-stop rise in exposure length.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

Picture by Martin Turner

This type of fader filter provides a darkening of the whole photograph, helping you to shoot using a wider aperture or slower shutter speed in comparison with what would required normally. Through decreasing your exposure time or increasing your aperture, you can manage depth of field as well as express movement with a lot less effort. This filtration system helps you to decrease internal flare and reflections. It is made out of state-of-the-art optical glass for distinctive image clearness and it is set in a resilient aluminium filter ring.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

This filter includes 8 neutral density filters down to 1, enabling to control just how much light is received by the sensor. If you turn the filter, it runs from 1 stop to 8 stops, is practical as well as being made from very high quality material.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

A ND Variable Filter is used heavily in landscape photography, where the light intensity is rather strong, as well as to generate imaginative effects for instance motion effects or effect "blurry" or "silk" of a waterfall etc.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

Picture by Thibault Bevilacqua

If you want to know the diameter of your camera lens, please search a mark with a number preceded by the following symbol: ø. It is generally written on the front part of the lens. Once you know the diameter, choose the same value for your Gloxy filter. This filter has a diameter of 77mm. See the picture below and find easily this value on your lens:

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

Includes protective case, front cap and cleaning cloth

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm


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SKU DI1678
Technical Details
Diameter mmm 77 mm
Filter type ND

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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm What's included

  • Gloxy 77mm ND2-ND400 Variable Filter
  • Protective Case
  • Front Cap
  • Cleaning Cloth