Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm

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  • HD support
  • 8 Neutral density filters in 1
  • Multilayer coating, only 9.6mm thick
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The Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm is a product which you can not do without,  forget about  having to purchase several ND filters and carrying all of them around inside your equipment bag. It is the ideal filter when you wish to take certain photos of waterfalls, waves, water motion and even more, or just if you want to lessen the volume of light which penetrates whenever using a long exposure. The Gloxy Fader filter is like having 8 ND filters in a single filter, whenever you turn the filter it moves from 1 stop to 8 stops and changes the amount of light that can penetrate, quick and simply you are able to minimize up to 8 stops of light. Designed to be lightweight and thin, this practical filter has been made out of premium quality materials.


Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm

This Gloxy 67mm filter combines Variable ND Neutral density filters 8 to 1, allowing to regulate the light received by the sensor 2-8 f-stops.

Product features:

  • Reduce the amount of light received by the camera sensor.
  • Allows you  to regulate the amount of light received by the sensor 2-8 f-stops.
  • The reduced light increases the exposure time or aperture.
  • Ideal for creating motion effects, reduce the depth of field or to create effects such as the "blur" or "silk" effect.
  • The Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm has a scale marking steps (to ND400 ND2).
  • Multilayer coating, only 9.6mm thick.
  • HD support.
  • Compatible with 67mm lens diameter.

This Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm enables accurate control on the quantity of light reaching the camera's sensor, without altering the colour balance. Utilizing an ND filter in bright situations enables you to have more depth of field by stopping down the aperture. A neutral density filter is an essential  item for working photographers and video shooters. You will get much better photos, in most lighting situations without difficulty.

This can come in really useful in documentary or on-location scenarios whenever you may possibly not have the chance, or maybe the time to unscrew the filter you already have on the lens, search around through your camera bag for the best ND filter, as well as screw it into position

The glass on the Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm is multi-coated to assist protect against flare and ghosting on the camera's sensor. The frame is made of ionized steel for added toughness. As a possible additional aspect, the Gloxy 67mm filter is indexed using lines on the filter ring to assist you choose the preferred level of neutral density. This filter delivers neutral density from ND2 to ND400.


Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm

With the Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm capture amazing water shots that have a silky feel

Neutral density filters provide you with several exciting opportunities for creating images which would typically not be achievable. For many who enjoy blurred or motion images, this can be the filter of preference because it enables you to slow down your exposure and "capture" the motion of moving water or racing cars, birds or sports athletes.

Whenever combined with a digital camera, you are able to efficiently observe how the filter works. Following initial exposure, you can examine your LCD image and then make whichever change in exposure you believe you have to enhance your image. By rotating the ring, you are able to either increase or decrease the ND effect. This can be particularly beneficial whenever trying to attain "blurred" or "panned" shots.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm

Additional Info

SKU DI1680
Model ND2ND40067MM
Technical Details
Diameter mmm 67 mm
Filter type ND

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