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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

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  • Blocks the path of light through the lens
  • Control the light that reaches your sensor
  • Perfect for bright light situations and long exposure
  • Suitable for 52 mm diameter lenses
  • Variable from ND2 to ND400: adapt to every situation
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The most versatile ND filter in the market

Enjoy more creative and visual possibilities with your camera just by adding a Gloxy ND variable filter. With this filter you will be able to use long exposures and wider apertures. There are many times that because of the sun, you just can't get a properly exposed photo. Therefore, there are situations in which you need a ND variable filter and the Gloxy ND2-ND400 filter is a incredible option. Once you use this filter you can't stop. You can play with the exposure and aperture getting stunning effects. Among them, flowing waters, fuzzy clouds and motion blur. 

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

This is a neutral variable density filter ranging from ND2 to ND400. In other terms, you will have the possibility to choose a different neutral density according to the light intensity of the scene or to the effect you want to achieve. If you put the filter set to low density, ND2, it will pass 50% of the light that reaches the lens. The minimum exposure is ND400. It is very easy to use, you only have to turn the filter on the lens to get the density required.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

You can easily adjust the density you need by turning the filter on the lens

 Product features:

  • The neutral density filtrer reduces the quantity of light that goes through the lens
  • It avoids overexposures so you can adapt your camera and adjust its parameters the way you want
  • It enables you to use lower shutter speeds in bright light conditions
  • Neutral density variable filter: from ND2 to ND400, you can easily control the effect
  • Suitable for 52 mm diameter lenses

Get creative exposures in your landscapes and portrait shootings

When you want to generate creative effects such as blurry water or clouds in motion, you have to select very low shutter speeds. However, in very bright light situations, the picture is generally overexposed, even though you close the shutter at its maximum. The solution? The Gloxy ND2-ND400 filter.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

It is extremely useful for outdoor photo sessions when the daylight is combined with a fill flash. Once we have the perfect lighting, when we obtain a smoothly blurred background we can open most of the diaphragm. To compensate the shutter speed will increase, but beware! If using a flash, yo cannot increase it too much or you will lose synchronization. But once again, the ND filter helps you to maintain the parameters you chose and produce the required effect with no risk of overexposure.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

Cloud motion effect - Picture by Martin Turner

This Gloxy ND2-ND400 neutral density filter is totally variable, so you will have the possibility to adjust the intensity of the effect, i.e. block more or less entering light and adapt to every light situation just by turning the adjustment ring of the filter. It is as if you had several ND filters in one. Fast, easy, convenient.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

But if you prefer portrait photography or street photography, you must know that the Gloxy ND filter is also useful for these situations (and for so many more!). The creative possibilities are limitless, the only limit would be your imagination!

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

With this filter, you can use lower shutter speeds even in very bright light sitautions. Therefore, you can take advantage of the filter in many sitautions and freeze the movement, as shown in the picture below:

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

Picture by or Thibault Bevilacqua

If you want to know the diameter of your camera lens, please search a mark with a number preceded by the following symbol: ø. It is generally written on the front part of the lens. Once you know the diameter, choose the same value for your Gloxy filter. This filter has a diameter of 52mm. See the picture below and find easily this value on your lens:

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

Includes protective case, front cap and cleaning cloth

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm


Additional Info

SKU 0712441588
Model ND2ND40052MM
Technical Details
Diameter mmm 52 mm
Filter type ND

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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm What's included

  • Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter
  • Pouch
  • Front Cap
  • Cloth