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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter

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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Neutral Density Variable Filter 62mm

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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 58mm

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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 52mm

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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 67mm

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ND2-ND400 Gloxy Variable Neutral Density Filter 55mm

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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter 77mm

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  • Modify different levels of ND from ND2 to ND400
  • Control the depth of field in your photos
  • Ideal in situations with strong light
  • Allows increasing the exposure time of photographs
  • Compatible with black and white photography
  • Protective pouch included
  • Available for various lens diameters: 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm and 77mm
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The most versatile ND filter on the market

Undoubtedly more than once you've noticed a very sunny day but it has proved impossible to get a properly exposed photograph. For this reason and more the Gloxy ND2-ND400 Filter ought to be an important accessory used on your lens.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter

This is a neutral variable density filter ranging from ND2 to ND400, this indicates that you have the possibility to apply different densities depending on the amount of light received or the effect you want to achieve. If you put the filter set to low density, ND2, it will pass 50% of the light that reaches the lens. The minimum exposure is ND400. It is very easy to use, you only have to turn the filter on the lens to get the density required.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter

You can easily adjust the density you need by turning the filter on the lens

Product Features:

  • This is a Variable ND filter ranging from ND2 to ND400.
  • In its minimum density equal to one stop and the maximum is 9 stops.
  • An essential accessory every photographer.
  • You can control the depth of field in every situation, make use of a large aperture whenever you desire.
  • It will allow shooting in daylight and under very intense light or when shooting an eclipse (the filter does not allow you to look directly at the sun).
  • Perfect for different motion effects by increasing exposure times.
  • It is designed using high-quality glass.
  • Available for various lens diameters: 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm and 77mm

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable FilterPhotograph by Davide Arizzi

Creative exposures in your landscapes and portraits

With this ND400 filter, you will be able to adapt to extreme light environments, such as very sunny days on the beach or in the mountains on a snowy day. Indeed, if you only use the settings of your camera and not a ND filter, you will get overexposed pictures or too much contrast.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter

This filter gives you the ability to adapt to all situations of extreme light, such as sunny days near the beach or even in a snowstorm, if you only use the parameters of your camera you obtain overexposed photographs and greatly exaggerated contrast. It also will prove extremely useful for different effects for individual photos. For example, if you want to photograph an eclipse you need to use a neutral density filter and if it is a Variable ND filter it is possible to adjust the light according to the progress of the eclipse. Also with this Gloxy ND2-ND400 adjustable filter, you will easily create special effects using movement by increasing exposure times of your photos, especially useful when photographing a waterfall, river, sea, or the movement of the clouds ...

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable FilterPhotograph by Martin Turner

A Gloxy ND Filter is also used in other circumstances; It is extremely useful for outdoor photo sessions when the daylight is combined with a fill flash. Once we have the perfect lighting, when we obtain a smoothly blurred background we can open most of the diaphragm. To compensate the shutter speed will increase, but beware! if using a flash, we can not increase it too much or we lose synchronization.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter

For example, you can not use a faster shutter speed of 1/250; so the image is overexposed. This is where the ND filter comes in: so you can keep both settings to meet your requirements; an ND filter allows us to avoid overexposing the image and helps to achieve perfect exposure, complete with an attractive blurred background that will highlight the subject.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter

The classic silk effect in water is one of the well-known effects we can create using an ND filter. Thanks to an ND filter placed on the lens you can use a very slow shutter speed without overexposing the image. The following picture was taken with an exposure time of 15 seconds and a diaphragm aperture of f/25. You can acquire motion effects anytime and anywhere; no matter what the lighting circumstances.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable FilterPhotograph by thibault Bevilacqua

This filter is designed with high quality glass resulting in an extremely durable and robust filter. Do not hesitate to make use of this practical and useful filter on your lens to improve your photography, here you have a neutral density filter that can adapt to almost any situation and it really should be part of your photographic gear.

If you're not sure which diameter to choose for your lens, check out the picture below:

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter

The Gloxy ND2-ND400 Filter comes with a case to protect the filter, front cover, and a cleaning cloth.

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter

Additional Info

SKU GloxyND400
Model GXND2ND400C
Technical Details
Filter type ND
Filter effect No
Compatible with Universal

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Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter What's included

  • Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter
  • Protective pouch included
  • Protective cover
  • Cleaning cloth