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Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm

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  • Includes a Macro lens
  • Front cover, back cover and protective case included
  • High quality optical glass
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Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm is coupled to the standard 18-55mm zoom lens and becomes a 14mm fish-eye lens, increasing the viewing angle and has a conversion factor of 0.25x and a diameter of 52mm.

 Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm

The Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm further includes a Macro lens that lets you get close up to shoot objects at short distances.This Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm is a conversion lens that decreases the focal length of the lens and enhances the viewing angle up to 180 degrees. It is also a very practical lens with regard to capturing within closed small enclosed areas, when you need to shoot an entire scene without being in a position to zoom out, an issue that is impossible with a standard lens.

Product features:

  • Metal frame. 
  • The Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm supports 52mm diameter lenses. 
  • This lens is compatible with infrared photography. 
  • Compatible with autofocus. 
  • You get a completely free macro lens. 
  • Front lens cover, back cover and protective bag included.

 Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm

Fish-eye lenses are fantastic for close up range sports activity, action images, like individuals on skateboards, bicycles, snowboards or skis. Fish-eye lenses provide a really interesting perception of immersion within these kinds of images.

Whenever all the subjects are typically far away from the camera you are able to reduce your overall look by placing the horizon down the middle of the image, a fish-eye lens can really produce a very convincing effect.Images of car and airplane interiors are generally taken using fisheye lenses and are often customized with one another in 360° panoramas. By simply having a fish-eye to get panoramas makes it possible to take less shots to cover your entire perspective.

Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm

The Fish Eye Lens is very well-liked in landscape photography for the reason that it may shoot everything inside a 170-degree angle. The hemispherical appearance, especially when shooting a picture of the landscape, creatively displays the actual curve of the Earth.

Example photographs taken with the Gloxy Fish-Eye 0.42x Lens:

Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm

Due to the incredibly concave qualities of the Fish-Eye lens, subjects that are displayed down the middle of the lens are usually inflamed and enhanced. The end result of this is a humorous and deformed subject. You may do this on both males and females, wildlife, and even lifeless objects, this can have a really fascinating outcome.

 Example photographs below taken with the Macro lens:

 Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm

A Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens is a very wide-angle lens and is regarded as the best choice with regard to architectural photography, because broader architectural constructions may be shown to be actually bigger than they are in the real world, and also huge tower blocks may be modified to make them seem to be far more taller than they actually are.

 Example photographs below taken with the Macro lens:

Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm

The Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm is designed for the main reason it was created for in the first place, for viewing the sky. For individuals who like to shoot the sky and stars, planets etc, you will find absolutely nothing better than having the capability to effectively illustrate the circular aspects of our planet in your images.

The Gloxy Fish-Eye Lens 0.25x 52mm is an inexpensive, fast, valuable answer to broaden your camera's capabilities.

Additional Info

SKU DI4041
Model WA025X
Product details
Conversion Factor 0.25x
Adapter rings included No
Compatibility Lenses of 52mm diameter

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