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Gloxy 74mm Circular Polarizer Filter

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  • Ultra thin circular polarizer filter
  • Protects the lens and imporves the quality of your pictures
  • For use with 74mm lenses
  • Increases contrast and colour saturation
  • Removes reflections from water or glass
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Enhance contrast, saturation and depth in your pictures

A Gloxy 74mm Circular Polarizer Filter can be screwed easily onto the lens and it will protect the lens from external damage which often includes dust particles, flying stones and accidents.

Gloxy 74mm Circular Polarizer Filter

It assists you to get rid of of excess reflections emerging from non-metallic surfaces like water or glass. This filter is the ideal method to help make the clouds be more noticeable, boost or greatly reduce the saturation of the ocean or improve or cut back on the reflection off the water.

Gloxy 74mm Circular Polarizer Filter

On the left : without a Gloxy CPL filter; on the right: with a Gloxy CPL filter

Product features:

  • Improves overall contrast to the image.
  • Ideal for capturing in bright conditions.
  • The filter will protect the lens from accidental damage.
  • Removes unwanted reflections from water and glass etc.
Gloxy 74mm Circular Polarizer Filter
The CPL filter removes reflections from reflective surfaces such as water or glass

It can noticeably enrich a blue sky and help to make the clouds seem considerably more distinguished. It offers a key purpose to filter out selected rays of light, subsequently intensifying colours and contrast in images and minimizes or eradicates glare from reflective types of surface.

Gloxy 74mm Circular Polarizer Filter

The Gloxy 74mm CPL Circular Polarizer Filter features an ultra thin structure which will not add extra weight or volume to your lens.

Perfect for landscape photography

With this Gloxy polarizer filter, you will get very sharp pictures, just as shown on the picture below. Indeed, without the use of this filter, the stones lying on the bottom of the river would not be visible. You will enjoy more sharpness and brightness on your photographs, as well as it will enhance contrast and saturation. You will notice better-quality and professional landscape pictures immediately!

Gloxy 74mm Circular Polarizer Filter

Additional Info

SKU DI3766
Model Gloxy CPL74
Technical Details
Diameter mmm 74 mm
Filter type CPL (circular polarizer)
Resistant to water / dust Yes
XS (Ultra Thin) Yes

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Gloxy 74mm Circular Polarizer Filter What's included

  • Gloxy CPL Filter
  • Protective case