Gloxy 52mm Wide Angle 0.45X + Macro Lens Black

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  • Conversion factor of 0.45x
  • Includes free macro lens
  • Fast auto-focus
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The Gloxy 52mm Wide Angle 0.45X + Macro Lens Black is a wide angle lens which allows you to take photos and videos in locations with restricted spaces, this is because this wide angle lens widens the angle of view of the camera's lens. This Gloxy wide angle lens package additionally includes a totally free macro lens, intended for taking close-up photography and to shoot in depth images of very small objects. This macro and wide angle lens are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.



Product features:

  • Quality Gloxy wide angle lens with a free macro lens.
  • Ideal for landscape photography and encompasses more into the scene.
  • Wide angle lens along with a macro lens, 2 in 1.
  • Front element using several anti-reflection coatings.
  • The macro lens can be used for close-up photography.


The Gloxy wide angle lens is going to be all set for use when you receive it, a step down as well as a step up ring can be supplied if required. A wide angle lens implies the viewer's vision is free to wander. All of the fine detail, most of the encompassing perception of a location, is accessible to the viewer. Just like in real life, the viewer has to choose exactly what to view and focus on.

Gloxy 52mm Wide Angle 0.45X  + Macro Lens Black

A big outdoor subject or even a smaller interior is sometimes can´t fit when taken with a normal lens. A wide angle lens is usually employed when you want to incorporate more of the image in to the frame, sometimes you just can´t move back any more to obtain everything into the photo, a Gloxy wide angle lens will allow you to achieve this and is also an excellent lens for landscape photography. A wide-angle lens is also perfect for and widely used by real estate professionals.

By making use of a macro lens and close-up photography, you are able to produce engaging images in a selection of areas. Regardless of whether you happen to be a professional photographer, a beginner trying to improve your skills, a business owner with small items to market, a jewelry designer, an owner on eBay, a designer, or even as a hobby seeking to have some fun, this style of photography is as pleasurable as it is complex.

Gloxy 52mm Wide Angle 0.45X  + Macro Lens Black

 Photograph taken with the Gloxy wide angle adapter removed

Gloxy 52mm Wide Angle 0.45X  + Macro Lens Black

 Photograph taken with the Gloxy wide angle adapter connected

The included macro lens makes it possible for the photographer to pay attention to closer than normal subjects hence making it possible for the frame to be filled with the object and shoot in considerably more detail.

Close-up photography skills allow you to take fascinating shots and uncover a suitable level of detail for the majority of subjects, yet macro photography signifies a more scientific method of photography, which is not useful simply as a creative tool, but for making informative statements about a subject. Broaden the opportunities of your camera's lens with these handy wide angle and macro add-on lenses.

Additional Info

Model GXWA52
Product details
Conversion Factor 0.45x
Weight 175 g
Front Lens Diameter (mm) 67 mm

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Gloxy 52mm Wide Angle 0.45X + Macro Lens Black What's included

  • Gloxy 52mm Wide Angle 0.45X + Macro Lens Black