Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D

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  • Comes with a free macro lens
  • Incredible fisheye effect for your standard lens
  • Fresh and funny photos and videos
  • Front lens cover, back cover and protective bag included
  • Includes 55 to 52mm adapter ring
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This product is part of our selection of accessories for Pentax K110D

This camera accessory has been chosen by experts as one of the compatible accessories for Pentax K110D. Click on the link below to see the entire selection of items for your camera: filters, lenses, batteries, tripods, etc, everything you need to use the full potential of your camera. We also have a selection of recommended items, basis photography accessories every photographer should have in his/her photo backpack.

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Connected to a standard 18-55mm zoom lens the Gloxy Fish-Eye 0.42x Lens becomes a 8mm fisheye lens and has a conversion factor of 0.42X. In addition, you will receive a completely free Macro lens of 14 diopter, which is perfect for macro photography.

Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D
Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D
Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D
Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D

This Gloxy Fish-Eye 0.42x Lens is a conversion lens which reduces the focal length of the lens and increases the viewing angle to 180 degrees. Additionally it is a really handy lens for capturing in closed small areas where you have to capture a complete scene without being able to zoom out, something which is usually not possible using a regular lens.



Fish-eye lenses are perfect for close range sport, action images, such as people on bikes,snowboards, skateboards or skis. Fisheye lenses can provide an interesting sense of immersion in this type of image.

Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D

When all of the objects tend to be distant from the camera it is possible to reduce the fish-eye visual appeal by setting the horizon in the center of the image, the Gloxy Fish-Eye 0.42x Lens really can create a very compelling effect. Shots of car and of plane interiors are typically taken using fish-eye lenses and sometimes tailored with each other in 360° panoramas. Simply by using a fisheye for panoramas enables for taking fewer shots to cover the entire perspective.

Product features:

  • Metal frame. 
  • 46mm diameter. 
  • Front size: 67mm.
  • Includes 55 to 52mm adapter ring
  • This lens is compatible with infrared photography. 
  • Compatible with autofocus. 
  • You get a completely free macro lens. 
  • Front lens cover, back cover and protective bag included.
  • The Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D includes two ring adapters: 52-46mm / 58-46mm (If you require other measurements do not hesitate to contact us). 

The Gloxy Fish-Eye 0.42x Lens is so popular in landscape photography, mainly because it may shoot everything inside a 170-degree angle. The hemispherical effect, particularly when taking a picture of a landscape creatively shows the curvature of the Earth. Because of the incredibly concave characteristics of the Fish-Eye lens, subjects which are shown in the center of the lens tend to be enflamed and boosted.

The outcome of this is a comical and deformed subject. You can accomplish this upon men and women, creatures, and even lifeless items, which has a really interesting result.

Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D

A Fish-Eye lens is a very wide-angle lens and is considered a good option for architectural photography. Wider architectural structures can be shown to be even larger than they look in real life, and high tower blocks can be altered to make them appear even more gigantic.

 Example photographs below taken with the Macro lens:

Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D
Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D


The Gloxy Fish-Eye 0.42x Lens is ideal for the reason it was first created, for viewing the sky. For people that photo the sky and stars and planets etc there is practically nothing superior to having the ability to efficiently depict the spherical attribute of the earth.The Fish-eye Lens with Macro for Pentax K110D is an affordable, immediate, useful solution to expand your camera's capabilities. 

Additional Info

SKU DI3739
Model WA46
Product details
Conversion Factor 0.42x
Adapter rings included Yes
Compatibility Any DSLR lens with 46, 52, 55 or 58mm filter sizes

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