Wide Angle Macro Lens for Canon VIXIA HF W10

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  • Conversion factor of 0.45x
  • Includes free macro lens
  • Fast auto-focus
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This product is part of our selection of accessories for Canon VIXIA HF W10

The item you are looking at is included in a wide range of accessories for Canon VIXIA HF W10, a range of items selected by our experts. In that selection, you can find camera bags, backpacks, filters, tripods and many other accessories that have been proven to be compatible with your camera. Products that are completely necessary if you want to take full advantage of all the possibilities of your Canon HF W10.

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The Wide Angle Macro Lens for Canon VIXIA HF W10 is a wide angle conversion lens which connects to 37mm lenses, converters screw on to an adapter, which will, subsequently screw to the camera body, the lens has a power of 0.45x.

Many individuals imagine landscapes as the perfect form of photography for short focal lengths, yet another great use of them is using them while up close to the subject in portrait photography.  Make this happen and you’ll get a totally different perspective in your images, and as short focal lengths have a very distinctive manner of marginally distorting just what you happen to be taking, this often produces quite a vibrant effect.

Wide Angle Macro Lens for Canon VIXIA HF W10

Product features:

  • Quality Gloxy wide angle lens with a free macro lens.
  • Ideal for landscape photography and encompasses more into the scene.
  • Wide angle lens along with macro, 2 in 1 lens.
  • Front element uses several anti-reflection coatings to improve image quality.

Wide-angle lenses capture a bigger proportion of the scene than ordinary lenses, enabling you to fit substantial subjects into the frame. They will prove indispensable whether or not you happen to be attempting to photograph a big building, confined interior, a landscape view, as well as that big group photo. This Gloxy wide angle lens is excellent if you literally can’t step back any more, and are the traditional kits of real estate agents who like a room to appear much bigger when compared to what it is in reality.

Wide Angle Macro Lens for Canon VIXIA HF W10

If you're into landscape or architecture photography or frequently realize you have to step-back regularly to get everything in the frame, then buy a wide angle lens. Wide angle relates to the minimum focal length provided by the cameras lens. Wide angle shots generally incorporate a massive set of subject matter, therefore it is feasible for the viewer to get lost inside the image, and so it´s recommended to try out several techniques of managing the subject.

A large number of photographers attempt to organize their subject matter into clear layers, and feature foreground objects that may lead the eye directly into and all over the image.

Wide Angle Macro Lens for Canon VIXIA HF W10

Wide Angle Macro Lens for Canon VIXIA HF W10

The free macro lens included with this lens can focus closer to your subject than the usual standard lens allows, so you can capture an abundance of intricate detail. Macro lenses enjoy the exceptional capacity to take life-size pictures. These lenses are notably beneficial for taking pictures of small objects for example, insects. flowers, for marketing and advertising for food and cuisine, whenever the consistency of the food is increased to lure diners.

Often employed in nature photography, yet perfect for portraiture as well, macro lenses generally provide wide maximum apertures for shallow depth of field, and therefore are well-known for high optical qualities.

Additional Info

Model WA37
Product details
Conversion Factor 0.45x
Compatibility Objetivos con 37 mm de diámetro
Weight 176g

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