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Walimex Daylight 1000 + Octagon Softbox 60cm

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  • Powerful continuous light
  • Light stand max height 2560mm
  • Environmentally-friendly
SKU: MI14138   MPN: 17012  EAN: 4250234570121

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The Walimex Daylight 1000 + Octagon Softbox 60cm is an addition to your gear that will give you soft natural light which will greatly reduce severe shadows, hotspots and even supplies a highly effective convenient constant illumination which may be employed with compact cameras.

It´s not at always straightforward to obtain the accurate degree of light for your subjects, although with the Walimex Daylight 1000 it has become conveniently possible since it provides a consistent strong continuous light, the Daylight 1000 uses 6 environment-friendly 24W bulbs and consequently runs on a surprisingly low power level in comparison with some other comparable items, this too aids to keep the studio or which ever place you might be using it cool, since the light bulbs tend to be lower in power, yet are extremely bright.

Walimex Daylight 1000 + Octagon Softbox  60cm
The 60cm Softbox will provide broard soft lighting, ideal for portrait photography

Product features:

  • Provides powerful continuous light.
  • Uncomplicated type of lighting using low energy bulbs to save power.
  • May be used with compact cameras.
  • The cold light source reduces heat development in studio.

A softbox is perfect to produce an even and soft illumination, employing this Walimex Daylight 1000 you are able to acquire shadow-free mass illumination for use in product or portrait photography, this kind of softbox will help you to achieve glare-proof lighting conditions.

Softboxes do the job since they distribute out the light, they incorporate through extremely reflective fabric and light goes through it and bounces all around within the box, reflecting light from the material in all directions, this supplies a light which is identical at all points.

A softbox rather than an umbrella will give you an extremely softer beam of light that is significantly broader than those of an umbrella, despite the fact that depening on the lighting outcome you want depends on whether or not you make use of a softbox or some other style of lighting. The bulbs may be turned on and off in pairs to get the desired lighting effect.

A softbox generates a big light source which you can align to obtain a smaller sized light source or any lighting effect you would like. In case you need to have wrap-around lighting all you have to do is put the softbox nearer to the subject.

Walimex Daylight 1000 + Octagon Softbox  60cm
The lamps may be turned on and off in pairs, so that you can alter the lighting flexibly to existing situations.

The Walimex Daylight 1000 + Octagon Softbox 60cm uses 4 environmentally safe 50W bulbs as an alternative of traditional 4 x 250W Daylight spiral lamps that are fully economical, flicker free and environmentally friendly as a result of their reduced energy consumption, they are also extremely bright, don´t get very hot and they are ideal for continuous operation. There is also an incorporated umbrella holder which is especially convenient.

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SKU MI14138
Model 17012

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Walimex Daylight 1000 + Octagon Softbox 60cm What's included

  • 1x Walimex Daylight 1000 with Octagon Softbox 60cm and front diffuser and 4 x 50W Daylight Spiral Lamps