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Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit

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  • Everything you need for studio photography
  • Professional results at your fingertips
  • Versatile lighting
  • Fully portable kit; includes carrying bag
  • Also ideal for outdoor or location sessions
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There´s nothing better for your photography sessions for both demanding amateurs and professionals: The Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio will cover all your lighting expectations allowing you to create various light styles for incredible results. You can use both in the studio and outdoors as the kit VL-400 is fully portable and includes a travel case.

Product features:

  • Create different lighting effects.
  • Two window soft light softbox.
  • The umbrella provides you with direct, extreme light.
  • Kit fully portable; ideal for outdoor sessions.
  • Includes travel bag for easy transportation.
  • Get the professional results your looking for. 

These pictures taken by Live Studio are just a few examples of what you can do with Visico flashes and accessories.

Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit
Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit

Includes 2 x Visico VL-400 studio flashes , 2 x flash supports, 1 x reflector, 1 x translucent umbrella, 2 x  softboxes as well as a carrying bag. With two flashes you can create different lighting techniques to get different results; a flash placed behind the object or person and the other at the front (to create a silhouette), the options are varied and allow you to get different results; also different accessories like umbrellas or softboxes allow you to get various light effects; including harder or softer light options. See another example below.

Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit
Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit

The softbox SB-030 softens the light emitted by the flash for a softer result, homogeneous and diffuses illumination; ideal for women, children's portraits, using an umbrella reflects beauty, the light produced by the flash and the effect you get more direct and harsh light which helps bring volume and texture in to the image; ideal for portraits wherever you want to express a feeling or impact, artistic photography, or find expression through light ...

You can configure this kit in two different ways: with an umbrella and softbox window or with two softboxes.

Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit
Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit

These Visico flashes have a guide number of 73; can be used with or without a flash trigger and are generally compatible with all triggers with a mini jack cable outlet; You can also control the light emitted by a flash shoe or flash built into the body of an SLR. They have a capacity of 400Ws and a recycle time of 0.6-2.0 seconds. Tripods for mounting the flash have a maximum height of 2000mm allowing you to place them at a high altitude if required; the stands are only 73cm when folded.

Take the Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit everywhere and get the best results for both in studio and outdoors, wherever you need it.


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Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit
  • Softens the light emitted from the flash
  • Get even and diffused lighting effects
  • Ideal for portrait photography
  • With dimensions of 50 x 70 cm
Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit
  • Ideal for studio and location Kit
  • Fully portable; includes carrying case
  • Different accessories for different light effects
  • Window for a soft, even light
  • Umbrellas for a hard, direct light

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Visico VL-400 Soft Box Extra Studio Kit What's included

  • 2 x Studio flashes
  • 2 x Flash stands
  • A reflector umbrella
  • 2 x Softboxes
  • Case to carry all equipment
  • We pay for the shipping!