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Visico Infrared filter 58mm 950nm

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  • Blocks visible light up to 950 nm
  • Create stunning images
  • Ideal for outdoor and strong light
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The Visico Infrared filter 58mm 950nm removes glare and unwanted light, enhancing color saturation, giving greater clarity and contrast whilst not varying colour balance. This filter is completely appropriate for a P-type adapter (sold separately).

To use this infra red filter you must have a D-SLR camera that has a lens which can make use of and work with this size of filter. Wavelengths used for photography range from approximately 760 nm to about 1000 nm.

Filters are normally sensitive to visible light, so an infrared-passing filter is implemented, this lets infrared light (IR) pass through to the camera, the filter disables all or the majority of the visible light spectrum, the filter therefore appears black or deep red in colour.

 Visico Infrared filter 58mm 950nm

The Visico Infrared filter 58mm 950nm creates some amazing effects like this taken in night shooting mode 
Photograph by Geoffrey Haberman

Product features:

  • Used for infrared photography, high quality optical glass.
  • Obstructs visible light up to 950nm.
  • Suitable for most digital cameras.
  • Can be used with infrared-type film.
  • Quality optical glass and aluminum filter ring.

Colours, textures, leaves and flowers, human skin, and all other manner of physical objects can reflect IR light in a completely unique and interesting way.This type of Visico Infrared filter 58mm 950nm is very often employed in medical photography, crime detection and detection of distribution of vegetation.

You can use the filter alone or in almost any combination to match your needs. A 950nm range is appropriate for outdoor and strong light use. Recommended conditions for IR taking photographs usually are a bright sunny day, making skies a deep blue colour and vegetation vibrant white. Obviously this does not imply that you are not able to get excellent good results on cloudy days.

This Visico filter delivers deeper coloured blue skies, takes away glare and reflections from non-metallic objects and also glass surfaces. Superb for outdoor filming, the filter is necessary for capturing the highest quality photographs using outdoor lighting. With this Infrared filter in place 99% of the light observed by the naked eye is impeded and only infrared light is filtered through.

The following will give you an idea of which filters are best for which light:-

  • 1000nm is suited for low latitudes and strong light use.
  • 950nm is suited for outdoor and strong light use.
  • 850nm is suited for indoor and weak light use.
  • 760nm is suited at dawn or under faint light.


Visico Infrared filter 58mm 950nm
Photograph by Geoffrey Haberman

This Visico filter can be used with infrared film or digital photography to obtain attractive inventive and usually original photos. We highly recommend you to determine the suitable ones for your camera. Different IR filters have various effects this Visico infrared filter can be used in conjunction with coloured and black and white filters to modify the colours or contrast effects whenever using this filter.

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SKU DI1701
Technical Details
Diameter mmm 58 mm
Filter type Infrared

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