Triopo Tripod MT-3232X8C

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  • Maximum height 1650mm
  • Converts to a monopod
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The Triopo MT-3232X8C tripod is a part of the Traveller brand of tripods that offers a unique folding structure of 180 degree reversible legs, permitting to reduce its size. Made from alluminum-magnesium alloy. Having an overall weight of only 1.70 kg, it offers a high load capacity of 12 kg. The tripod's legs happen to be separated into four sections, with easily adjusted clamps.

Tripods are employed when you want to completely support the camera for shooting. In contrast to a monopod that will require an individual, the shooter, to assist to hold it up, a tripod because of its three legs will stand up by itself.

Triopo Tripod MT-3232X8C

The Triopo MT-3232X8C tripod has a sliding central column, ideal for macro photography

Product details:

  • Adjustable height with screw locks.
  • Adjustable reversible central column, ideal for macrophotography.
  • Reversed folding system, small and easy to carry.
  • The legs of the Triopo Tripod can be individually set to 25º, 50º or 80º.
  • The tripod is a two in one tripod and monopod.

Each individual section is divided up by a special gasket protecting against sand, dampness and dust. The legs can be independently tweaked in the following ranges: 25, 55 and 80 degrees. One of the legs incorporates an exclusive foam cover improving comfort and ease of use in reduced temperature.

A sliding central column of the Triopo Tripod MT-3232X8C can be mounted in reverse position, a mounting base for the head comes with a silicon gasket shielding the tripod's legs in the course of transportation. Additionally, the tripod can be effortlessly changed into a monopod. Just remove one of the legs, attach the column contained in the set with the head mounting and have fun with the fully well-designed monopod.

Triopo Tripod MT-3232X8C

The Triopo MT-3232X8C tripod includes a free handy carry case

The tripod arrives with a strong and firm protective traveling bag with a detachable shoulder strap.The Triopo Tripod MT-3232X8C is extremely beneficial when capturing long exposures or capturing night trails, continuous shots of an identical subject at the same height and in reduced light circumstances.

A tripod will come in whenever you intend on shooting a subject that does not necessarily move, including landscapes and cityscapes or possibly if you don’t anticipate moving often, like waiting for a sunrise on an horizon. Use the monopod when you'd like a little bit more stability as you can’t achieve the ideal shutter speed at the aperture you need, or in the event that it could possibly aid with panning.

Additional Info

SKU DI3839
Model MT-3232X8C
Technical Details
Materials Magnesium alloy and aluminium
Product Type Tripod and monopod
Segments (sections) 4
Leg closure Screw cap
Maximum height 1850 mm
Minimum height 28,5 cm
Folded height (cm) 48,5
Maximum height of monopod 1650 mm
Folded monopod height 42.5 cm
Diameter of the legs 28 mm
Tilt angle 25, 55 u 80º
Central Column Invertible Yes
Maximum Load Capacity 12 kg
Weight 1.7 kg
Colour Aluminium
Package Contents
Protective cover Yes

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Triopo Tripod MT-3232X8C What's included

  • Triopo Tripod MT-3232X8C
  • Carry case