Triopo Tripod ME-3228X8C

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  • Maximum height 1455mm
  • Maximum load capacity 12kg
  • Easily converts to a monopod
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The Triopo Tripod ME-3228X8C is part of the Traveller collection of products from Triopo, offering a distinctive collapsible system of 180 degree reversible legs, enabling to easily reduce the size. Manufactured from alluminium-magnesium alloy. Together with a weight of only 1.5 kg, it offers an exceptional load capacity of 12 kg. The Tripod's legs have been separated into four segments, easily modified by means of the included catches.

The leg section is separated by way of a specialized gasket that is designed to put a stop to sand, dust particles and humidity entering the Triopo Tripod. The legs can be singularly modified in to the subsequent ranges: 25, 55 and 80 degrees. One of the legs comes along using a exclusive foam, for use in very low temperature ranges.

Triopo Tripod ME-3228X8C

A detachable leg can turn the Triopo tripod in to a reliable monopod in three easy steps

Product features:

  • The Triopo tripod easily converts in to a convenient monopod.
  • Folds down to only 44.5cm, very easy to transport.
  • Adjustable reversible central column, perfect for macro photography.
  • The legs of the tripod may be independently set to 25º, 50º or 80º.
  • Variable height with screw locks.

The kit comes along with a short column enabling to place the tripod only 28 cm above the ground. A mounting base for the head is geared up using a silicon gasket safeguarding the Triopo Tripod ME-3228X8C legs throughout traveling. Additionally, the tripod can be easily changed into a monopod. Easily twist off one of the legs, attach the column within the set with the head mounting and take pleasure from a thoroughly functional monopod.

Employing a monopod delivers numerous gains to the photographer, sometimes more than using either a tripod or controlling the camera by hand. Monopods are advantageous for taking pictures of landscapes, wildlife, travel shots, sports events, action shots, and any different varieties of photography which will call for some camera stability even though still offering convenience and ease of movement.

Triopo Tripod ME-3228X8C

The Triopo tripod ME-3228X8C comes with a convenient carry case

A monopod is far much lighter compared to a tripod, and considerably a lot less heavy to haul around.Normally an on the go photographer is not capable to carry a quite heavy, large tripod about, and any time she or he perceives a probable shot, there's no time to bother with setting up up a complicated tripod. A monopod is convenient to carry, simple to set up, and allows the photographer to take advantage of the circumstance he or she is presented with.

A monopod is perfect for making use of in restricted or packed spaces, or any time the ground is too uneven or unpredictable for establishing a tripod. Tripods tend to use up a lot more room than monopods, so depending on the situation would depend on which you would use.

Additional Info

SKU DI3835
Model ME-3228X8C
Technical Details
Materials Magnesium alloy and aluminium
Product Type Tripod and monopod
Segments (sections) 4
Maximum height 1455 mm
Minimum height 270 mm
Folded height (cm) 44.5
Maximum height of monopod 1225 mm
Folded monopod height 40,5 cm
Diameter of the legs 28 mm
Tilt angle The legs are individually adjusted to an angle of 25 º, 50 º and 80 º.
Central Column Invertible Yes
Maximum Load Capacity 12 kg
Weight 1.5 kg
Colour Aluminium
Package Contents
Protective cover Yes

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Triopo Tripod ME-3228X8C What's included

  • Triopo Tripod ME-3228X8C
  • Carry case