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Triopo Tripod Kit M130 + KK0S

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  • Maximum height of 1300mm
  • Most compact of the Traveller series
  • Maximum load capacity 1kg
SKU: DI4789   MPN: KITM130  EAN: 6950995500532

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The Triopo Tripod Kit M130 + KK0S supports CSC cameras, DSLR cameras and camcorders. The tripod belongs to the "Traveller" of the Triopo series and is the most compact of the tripod series.

The "Traveller" series of tripods features an ingenious folding system which allows the legs to fold and reverse at an angle of 180 degrees and can be set to 3 different angles of 30 º, 45 º and 83 º, very handy when working on uneven surfaces.

The Triopo M130 tripod when folded measures only 32.5 cm, the Triopo Tripod is supplied together with an adjustable central column using an extended center column the tripod provides a maximum height of 1300mm (using the extended center column) and the legs when fully extended can work at a minimum height of just 34.5 cm.

Triopo Tripod Kit M130 + KK0SThe Triopo Tripod Kit M130 + KK0S is the most compact  tripod of the Triopo Traveller series


Product features:

  • Lightweight and compact tripod manufactured from magnesium alloy and aluminum.
  • The Triopo tripod Kit M130 + KK0S offers a revolutionary folding system of 180 degrees.
  • The Triopo tripod M130 includes an adjustable center column for maximum height.
  • Each leg section includes a sealing protection to protect against sand, dust and moisture.
  • The legs of the Triopo tripod can be altered individually to 3 distinct angles: 30, 45 and 83 º, to achieve most possible shooting angles.
  • It includes a handy case.

This tripod also includes a ball head with a quick release shoe and a double bubble level.The tripod is made of aluminum magnesium alloy and is lightweight weighing only 1.06kg (ball-head included) the tripod´s legs have 5 sections and offer a stable support for most makes of CSC cameras, DSLR cameras and camcorders weighing up to a maximum of 1 Kg. The Tripod height adjusts quickly and easily using a screw cap with each leg section having special closures for protection against sand, dust and moisture.

Triopo Tripod Kit M130 + KK0S

The Triopo KK-0S ball-head has two bubble levels to aid when setting up

The Triopo KK-0S ball-head is manufactured of magnesium alloy and aluminum and incorporates a quick release shoe which will allow you to attach and disconnect the camera on to the head quickly and conveniently.

Two adjustment knobs make it possible for you to control the panoramic, and lateral position of the ball-head.The main advantages of using a ballhead is that you  can simply control the camera from the camera, it will not get involved in the way of aiming the camera and is unhampered so the ball can easily rotate.

A ballhead tends to be lighter than other types of tripod heads and less bulky allowing for easier transportation and are generally easier and faster to setup (depending on the circumstances).

When using this Triopo KK-0S ball-head you can easily place the camera in the appropriate position with a lot higher speed and precision when compared with other tripod heads. It may be vital whenever shooting a number of images that are to be stitched together in order to form a panorama for instance.

Additional Info

SKU DI4789
Model KITM130
Technical Details
Materials Magnesium alloy and aluminium
Product Type Tripod
Segments (sections) 5
Leg closure Screw cap
Maximum height 1225 mm
Minimum height 26 cm
Folded height (cm) 33,5
Tilt angle 30º, 45º y 83º
Maximum Load Capacity 3 kg
Weight 1 kg
Colour Black
Includes ball head Yes
Technical Details Ball Head / Head
Model of ball head KK-0S
Height 8,5 cm
Weight (g) 254
Quick release plate Yes
Panoramic rotation 360 °
Fixing thread with camera 1/4"
Fixing thread with Tripod 3/8"
Bubble level Yes

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Triopo Tripod Kit M130 + KK0S What's included

  • M130 Tripod
  • KK-0S Ball-head
  • Quick release shoe