Triopo Tripod GT-3230X8C

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  • Maximum height 1830mm
  • Maximum load capacity 15kg
  • Easily converts to a monopod
SKU: DI3874   MPN: GT-3230X8C  EAN: 6950995532304

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The Triopo Tripod GT-3230X8C is made of carbon fiber, the tripod is a 2 in 1 monopod , with an ingenious folding system that has a high load capacity.

Making use of ths type of tripod can assist whenever taking critical photographs. Every serious amateur photographer ought to own one or more tripod. Employing a tripod for close-ups of flowers, jewelry, crafts etc. allows you to work with a slower shutter speed without worrying about moving the camera whilst you take the image.

Which in turn provides you with the chance to use a smaller lens opening intended for a greater depth of field. A more significant depth of field calls for the smallest lens opening you can deal with, whilst still having sufficient light entering into your camera for sufficient exposure.

Triopo Tripod GT-3230X8C

Made of carbon fiber, the Triopo GT-3230X8C tripod  is lightweight and strong


Product features:

  • The Triopo tripod easily converts in to a convenient monopod.
  • Folds down to only 47cm, very easy to transport.
  • Adjustable reversible central column, perfect for macro photography.
  • The legs of the tripod may be independently set to 25º, 50º or 80º.
  • Variable height with screw locks.

Belonging to the Traveller line of tripods the Triopo Tripod GT-3230X8C offers a unique folding system of 180 degree reversible legs, making it possible to decrease its overall size. Made of new generation carbon fibre, incorporating low weight and high resilience. The Triopo tripod is very to easy to carry around as it has an overall weight of just 1.4 kg, yet still supplies an exceptional load capacity of 15 kg. The tripod's legs are actually divided into 5 sections, with the length very easily regulated using a clasp system.

The leg sections are divided by means of a special gasket preventing against sand, dust particles and moisture. The three legs base can be singularly altered to these particular ranges: 25, 55 and 80 degrees. One of the legs incorporates a special foam improving comfort and ease of use in lower temperatures.

A useful sliding central column on the Triopo tripod may be very easily positioned in to a reverse position, this column is very useful for macro photography, whenever the camera operator needs to get close to ground shots. A mounting base for the head provides you with a silicon gasket used for protecting the tripod's legs in the course of transportation.

Additionally, the tripod can be easily turned into a monopod. Just twist off one of the legs off, attach the column contained in the set with the head mounting and have fun with your totally functional monopod.


Triopo Tripod GT-3230X8C

The tripod legs of the GT-3230X8C can be individually adjusted to an angle of 25, 50 and 80 degrees

Triopo Tripod GT-3230X8C
Transforming  the Triopo Tripod in to a monopod is easy

Additional Info

SKU DI3874
Model GT-3230X8C
Technical Details
Materials Carbon fiber
Product Type Tripod and monopod
Segments (sections) 5
Leg closure Screw cap
Maximum height 1830 mm
Minimum height 28,5 cm
Folded height (cm) 47
Maximum height of monopod 1615 mm
Minimum height monopod 435mm
Folded monopod height 43 cm
Diameter of the legs 28 mm
Tilt angle 25, 55 u 80º
Central Column Invertible Yes
Maximum Load Capacity 15 kg
Weight 1.4 kg
Colour Aluminium

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Triopo Tripod GT-3230X8C What's included

  • Triopo Tripod GT-3230X8C
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