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Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

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  • A complete kit of filters
  • Make sure you have the most popular filters in your gear
  • Includes an ND4,, un UV and aCPL filter
  • For 67mm thread sizes
  • Protect your lens from external agressions
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All the filters you need, in just one kit

Why are you still working without using filters? Perhaps you will not believe it but these little accessories can make the difference in your work. With them, you will get the professional touch you have always wanted in your projects, with no need to digitally retouch your photographs!

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

Products features:

  • Suitable for 67mm diameter lenses
  • The most popular kit among professional photographers, due to its excellent value for money
  • The UV filter protects the camera lens from bumps or any other external threat
  • The circular polariser (CPL) filter is perfect for enhancing the blue colour of the sky and creating amazing professional contrasts
  • The ND4 filter only allows 25% of the path of light throughout the sensor of your camera. With this filter, you will be able to do do long-exposure photography with no risk of an overexposure of the picture. Moreover, thanks to longtime exposure, it will be helpful for creating effects such as the blurry effect of the clouds or the flowing water
  • Made of top-quality optical glass, get very sharp pictures

Ultra thin to avoid vignetting

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

With this kit, you will immediately get great results with a small inversion. This Gloxy 67mm three-filter kit consists of three must-have filters for every professional photographer. The UV filter protects the lens from UV radiation and every king of external threat. The polariser filter enhances sharpness and quality of your pictures. The ND4 filter allows you to practice long exposure photography and get impressive visual effects (blurry water, clouds in motion, etc.). 

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

What is the UV filter for?

The UV filter is specially helpful for every photgrapher who goes everywhere with their camera gears and exposes it to possible damage. The most liitle scratch on your lens may definitively affect the quality of your work unless you pay for an expensive repair. That is the reason why the 67mm ND4, UV, CPL three-filter kit is the most affordable solution to keep your photo gear safe. The UV filter not only does protect your lens from possible threat such as bumps or water splashes but it also blocks UV rays and provides perfect true-color pictures.

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

On the left: without a UV filter; on te right: with a UV filter

The Gloxy 67mm ND4, UV, CPL three-filter kit is very useful and convenient. These filters are so thin that you wiill not even notice that you have got one attached to your lens. No matter you are a professional or an amateur, you will take advantage of this simple accessory, starting with the front protection of the lens, the most fragile part.

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

What is a circular polariser filter?

As far as the circular polariser filter is concerned, it is one of the most favorites photographers' accessories. Indeed, with a CPL filter, you can work on surfaces like glass and water with no fear of unwanted reflections on your pictures. How many times did you try to photograph throughout glass or water and fail because of reflections that appeared on the picture? Now you will have no problem to get good pictures in these situations, also because the CPL filter enhances the blue colour of the sky and creates amazing contrasts with clouds.

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

The CPL filter enhances contrast and colour saturation in your pictures

The CPL filter is one of the most useful accessories, just like the one included in this 67mm ND4, UV, CPL three-filter kit. The filter is suitable for from 37 to 86mm diameter lenses (choose yours above) and blocks specific rays of light that cause reflections.

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

Which effects can you get with the ND4 filter?

Last but not least, the ND4 filter is perfect for using long time exposure with no fear of overexposed pictures. Freeze the movement of the clouds or get the blurry water effect. This filter only allows 25% of the path of light through the sensor of your camera so you will be able to work with long exposure with no risk of overexposure, even in very bright light environments.

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

Create the silky effect with the ND4 filter

So the Gloxy ND filter is a must-have accessory, especially to get creative effects such as objects in motion, light trails, moving skies, or shoot in daylight with very bright light. The light reduction of this filter is perfect for working in daylight and adapting to every light situation.

Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm

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Gloxy Three filter kit ND4, UV, CPL 67mm What's included

  • Gloxy 67mm UV Filter
  • Gloxy 67mm CPL Filter
  • Gloxy 67mm ND4 Filter