Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF

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  • Improve the quality of your photos with the Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF
  • Automatic light control
  • Compact and very powerful
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The Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF slave unit is really helpful for individuals who need a more powerful flash but may not possess a hot shoe on the digital camera. An external flash which has a wireless transmitter enables it additionally to work as a slave flash.

A slave flash has an integrated sensor that senses if the camera flash goes off. Once the flash goes off, it activates the slave flash, typically within just milliseconds.

The Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF includes a bracket on which can attach a hot shoe on one end. The bracket is screwed to the tripod attachment at the bottom of the camera, then a flash is attached to the bracket hot shoe. The flash needs no cables connected and the slave setting on the flash will enable you to fire that particular flash when it senses the flash coming from a different flash.

Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF
The Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF works as a slave flash for cameras that have a built in flash

Product features:

  • No cables required, the flash will go off each time the built/in flash goes off.
  • Suitable for "pre-flash" systems (to reduce red eye effect).
  • Flash Coverage W2. (equivalent to 28mm).
  • Low voltage (6v).
  • Bounce and swivel up to 360 degrees.

There are several distinct scenarios when you may find yourself having to enable slave mode on the flash. The most typical scenario is whenever you don’t have sufficient flash receivers to activate all the flashes you might be trying to use simultaneously.

The technique of slave mode is fairly straightforward. Setting up additional flashes is quite simple and fast to perform; all you need to ensure is that there always exists a clear line of sight to the different flashes you are using.

You can use slave mode to work alongside any brand of flash. All the flash does is detect a pop of light to trigger itself. Some photographers may have their main camera flash as their key light, but make use of less expensive flashes as fill light and easily trigger them with slave mode. You may also trigger a flash in slave mode using the pop-up flash available on the camera.

Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF
The Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF can work as a fill-in flash or a slave flash, together with the cameras flash

The Slave Flash Gloxy 328AF synchronizes electronically using the flash of the camera without needing to be connected to your camera or synchronizer. The digital flash head can bounce, and has a swivel up to 360 degrees to generate the bounce flash effect. This digital flash works with the Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic and Pentax hot shoe makes of camera.

Additionally the flash includes a special flash support so that it can utilize the flash as a slave and is simple to mount on to the body of the camera.

Additional Info

SKU DI3950
Model Gloxy328
Technical Details
Guide Number 28
Tilt angle 0 - 90 º
Swivel 0 - 330º
Color temperature 5600 K
Flash duration (full power) 1/700s
Wireless Yes
Flash modes W2, W1, S, T
Compatible hotshoe Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, Panasonic
Weight and Dimensions
Weight 210 g
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 76 x 48 x 168mm
Package Contents
Flash Support Yes
User manual Yes
Colour Black

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