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Sevenoak Video Stabilizer SK-W04

Sevenoak Video Stabilizer SK-W04 Zoom Free delivery

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  • Counter weights used to balance the camera
  • Maximum load of 1.35 KG
SKU: DI3120   MPN: SVSK-W04  EAN: 4897040880466

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It´s really easy to use the Sevenoak Video Stabilizer SK-W04, just select the correct weight load in line with the weight of the camera, attach the camera on to the stabilizer´s rubber camera mount, after which secure the affixing weights right up until a good sense of stability is acquired, after this easy set-up it is possible to makes use of the camera stabilizer to acquire steady comfortable filming. 

Sevenoak Video Stabilizer SK-W04

The Sevenoak Video Stabilizer SK-W04 with camera attached (camera not included)


Product features:

  • Manufactured from durable aluminum, very lightweight to carry.
  • Allows 360 ° rotation, ideal for street or action filming.
  • Hot shoe to swap between the camera and other accessories.
  • Optional handle grip mounting screw holes.
  • The primary precision adjusting screw and counterbalancing weights may be exactly adjusted to balance the camera, delivering ease and comfort of movement

Showcasing a comfy adaptable handle grip, smooth gimbals, optional handle grip mounting screw holes, rubberized camera mounting plate, addable counter weight etc. Along with optional handle grip mounting screw holes, addable counter weight and variable camera mounting position, it is possible to balance your camera and stabilize your video. The handle grip of the stabilizer is very flexible and can be rotated smoothly using a rotation angle of about 160 degrees.

A quick release screw allows you to quickly change camera connections between the camera stabilizer and a tripod using a simple adaptable screw thread, the Sevenoak Stabilizer works extremely well on the go, to make certain you never need to disable everything so that you can swap from using your photo camera or video camera with or without the stabilizer or change ot use other accessories.

A rigid aluminium alloy design and style that is light in weight and simple to transport, the Sevenoak camera stabilizer includes a comfortable and versatile non-slip thumb stabilizer for support with more accurate motions, along with this the stabilizer helps to stop your arms getting tired in the course of lengthy filming periods.

Sevenoak Video Stabilizer SK-W04

The Sevenoak Video Stabilizer SK-W04 uses weights to help balance the camera stabilizer

The Sevenoak video stabilizer means that you can move to where the scene takes you, up and down the steps, outside and inside, weave through crowds of people, in reality practically almost anywhere, coupled with precise, elegant control as well as ease-of-use.

The positioning of the handle grip may also be adapted, there are a variety of 1/4" screw holes, you can use to make the whole set well balanced. The stabilizer can support up to a maximum load of 1.35 KG.



Additional Info

SKU DI3120
Model SVSK-W04
Technical Details
Product Type Hand
Materials Aluminium
Product colour Black, Red
Soft grip handle Yes
Maximum load capacity (kg) 1,35
Mounting 1/4"
Compatible products SLR, HD/DV, 4/3
Rotates Yes
Weight and Dimensions
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 24.5 x 30.5 x 5.5 cm
Weight 1.29 kg

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