Sevenoak SK-SW03 Steadycam Pro Small Size

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  • Quick-release camera plate
  • Removes camera shake
  • Max load capacity of 1.5kg
  • Quick to set-up
  • Three axis gimbals
SKU: DI4541   MPN: SK-SW03  EAN: 4897040880718

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The Sevenoak SK-SW03 Steadycam Pro Small Size is handy any time you wish to record home videos or professional films, the advantages of a camera stabilizer are limitless. For those who have unstable hands or in case you are shooting video using a heavy camera, you recognize that it can be tricky to acquire a super stable shot.

Camera stabilizers can also be incredibly multipurpose, which can be good for those people who are implementing microphone and light devices.

Sevenoak SK-SW03 Steadycam Pro Small Size
The Sevenoak SK-SW03 Steadycam Pro Small Size will help remove camera shake and improve smoothness when filming video


Product features:

  • Fine realignment camera balance platform.
  • Adjustable convergence, precision, three axis gimbals.
  • Integrated quick-release camera plate.
  • Adjustable dynamic balance and inertial control base platform.

The Sevenoak stabilizer features adjustable convergence, precision, and three axis gimbals, an adjustable dynamic balance and intertial control base platform. The very best attribute of a camera stabilizer is the steadiness it provides. You won't have to be worried about holding hands and wrists still whenever using a camera stabilizer. In case you are shooting action footage, you can instantly and conveniently spin your camera in a smooth style to record the video clips whenever employing this device.

While adaptability may not be advantageous to home consumers, it is extremely valuable to individuals in the professional film and video sector. Many camera stabilizers make it possible using mounting plates that will make it possible for you to include microphones (not included), strobes in addition to a lot more. It can certainly be a real help sometimes to shoot footage which is in close proximity to the ground or maybe high up in the air.

When using a camera stabilizer, you simply have to alter the arm of the stabilizer downwards or upwards to shoot the footage that you might want, devoid of having tension on your arms and neck.

Sevenoak SK-SW03 Steadycam Pro Small Size

The gimbals on the Sevenoak stabilizer help to steady the stabilizer to allow jitter free smooth video recordings

This Sevenoak stabilizer SK-SW03 is a light and portable, hand-held camera stabilizer device developed for DSLR cameras with a weight up to 1.5KG. This system operates so good that it makes it possible for you to get that amazingly smooth, elegant and steady shot even when going to extremes such as running up and down stairs, up steps and moving through crowds of people.

The camera platform moves backwards and forwards, and sideways, to rapidly assist you to modify the cameras horizontal balance. By changing the quantity of counterweight disks on the base platform, you modify the camera's vertical balance. Anytime balanced effectively the camera floats, constantly balanced, separated from your hands undesired actions and is all set for you to go into action. The Sevenoak SK-SW03 Steadycam Pro Small Size will certainly aid your filming anytime you are mobile and provides incredible steady operation for the majority of novice and professional photographers.

Additional Info

SKU DI4541
Model SK-SW03
Technical Details
Product Type Video stabilization
Materials Aluminium
Product colour Black
Soft grip handle Yes
Maximum load capacity (kg) 1,5
Mounting 1/4", 3/8"
Weight and Dimensions
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 37.5 x 19.5 x 12.5 cm
Weight 2.02 kg

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