Sevenoak SK-DW02 Camera Dolly

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  • Light in weight and sturdy construction
  • Versatile and smooth motion wheels
  • Lockable wheels
SKU: MI15846   MPN: SK-DW02  EAN: 4897040880183

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A Sevenoak SK-DW02 Camera Dolly works extremely well as a shooting platform on any kind of surface, however it can often be raised on the top of a track to produce smooth motion on a horizontal axis known as the "dolly shot".

Whenever a dolly grip operates a dolly on a perpendicular axes at the same time, it's known as the compound move. Dolly movements can also be carried out without using a track, offering a lot more mobility on the horizontal plane and with it, an increased level of complexity. These are generally called dance floor moves and can often be performed on the existing surface or with an overlay suitable for dolly movements. The floor overlay normally contains solid plywood for an underside layer and Masonite layer on the top, however the dolly will work on just about any smooth surface available.

The Sevenoak SK-DW02 Camera Dolly has numerous steering mechanisms accessible to the dolly grip. The conventional mode is rear wheel steering, in which the front wheels are maintained fixed, as the wheels nearest the operating handle are used to change direction. A second mode, called round steering, will cause the front wheels to switch in the opposite direction from the rear wheels. This mode enables the dolly to maneuver in smooth circles which is used often if the dolly is on curved track. A third mode, called crab steering, enables the dolly to move around in a path diagonal to the front end of the dolly.Sevenoak SK-DW02 Camera Dolly

A camera mounted on to the Sevenoak SK-DW02 Camera Dolly (camera not included)

Product features:

  • Enables 360 degree radial and straight line dolly motion.
  • Customisable with a retracting arm that guides the dolly.
  • Suitable for most cameras or camcorders with conventional 1/4" and 3/8" threads.
  • Silent and smooth rubberised wheels.

The Sevenoak SK-DW02 Camera Dolly is a versatile camera monitoring device that allows you a 360 degree radial and straight line dolly motion for many SLR cameras, and small DV/HD cameras. The Dolly works extremely well on a desk or levelled surface and enables the camera to rotate around a subject whilst obtaining the cameras focus on the subject, and does not require additional straight or curved tracks for dolly movements. It may be additionally personalised using an extender handle kit to regulate the path of movement. Rubberised wheels make the mobility really smooth and also very quiet and the wheels are also lockable for when you need to home in on a subject at a fixed angle.

The Sevenoak SK-DW02 Camera Dolly main body is made from aluminium it´s very light and portable weighing only 0.98kg. The Dolly is very simple and easy to use and tends to be most effective when combined with lightweight cameras. The Sevenoak SK-DW02 Camera Dolly is suitable for most cameras or camcorders with conventional 1/4" and 3/8" threads.

Additional Info

SKU MI15846
Model SK-DW02
Technical Details
Product Type Plataforma de deslizamiento
Materials Aluminium, Rubber
Colour Red
Connection for monitor Rosca de 1/4" para accesorios.
Mounting 1/4", 3/8"
Microphone socket Rosca de 1/4" para accesorios.
Connection for lighting Rosca de 1/4" para accesorios.
Rotates Yes
Weight and Dimensions
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 7 x 22,5 x 20,5 cm
Weight 0,98

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