Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01

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  • Universal matte box is suitable for camcorders, film cameras and DSLRs
  • Foldable French flag and adaptable side wings
SKU: DI3102   MPN: SK-MB01  EAN: 4897032701472

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The Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01 permits you to control the light getting into the camera lens by two lateras fins, an upper (Collapsible French flag and adjustable side wings). In addition, the Matte box has two slide filters and 4 rubber adapters to match several requirements.

A Matte box is an item that connects to the end of a lens and will allow you to obstruct wayward light from dazzling the surface area of the lens and operates just like a sun visor. A matte box also retains more than one filter in front of the lens and they will drop in easily and quickly. It’s fundamentally like a lens hood, but has a set form, matte boxes will often have adjustable metal flaps, or French flags up front where you can block sunlight and unnatural light streams that may trigger troublesome glare and lens flare.

Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01

 The Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01 obstructs wayward light from dazzling the surface area of the lens



Product features:

  • Universal matte box is suitable for camcorders, film cameras, DSLRs or 35mm lens adapter etc.
  • Foldable French flag and adaptable side wings.
  • Flattened shade design ideal for wide angle lenses.
  • Industry standard 15mm supporting rods.
  • Individual locking knobs for filter position and filter rotation.

The Sevenoak Matte box provides a flexible solution for taking care of light and controlling flare, enabling you to configure your eyebrows/flags and filter levels to precisely suit your needs. The Sevenoak Matte box is a universal matte box and works together with video cameras using 35mm lens adapters and film cameras.

The Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01 incorporates lateral oscillation, enabling you to turn the Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01 to the side if you want to switch the lens of your camera or camcorder without having to disconnect anything. An all metal construction (lens shade and lens adapter high-impact ABS) suggests for a solid and long-wearing high quality Matte Box.

Four rubber adapter rings that may accommodate different lenses and 360 degree rotatable filter stages and assist for dual intention filter trays for 4x4" and 4x5.65" filters. Some other tray options are on the market to support up to 5.65" square filters. Unique locking knobs aid for filter position as well as filter rotation.

Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01

The Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01 delivers unequaled management of light and controlling of flare, a swing-away feature gives you quick access to lenses for changes and for cleaning and is constructed to satisfy virtually any requirement, such as flags and filter stages.

Working with industry standard products the Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01 supports various filter sizes and for that reason works with your pre-existing equipment and possesses a high-quality design and style withstands challenges of a production setting. The Sevenoak Matte Box SK-MB01 features a distinctive stackable stage design, add or remove stages to precisely fulfill your configuration demands that is adjustable to numerous lens sizes (lens opening with lens connector 140mm, without 155mm) and it is compatible with other add-ons.

Additional Info

SKU DI3102
Model SK-MB01
Technical Details
Compatible products Adaptador Sevenoak SK-FM01 y Estabilizadores SK-C01, SK-R02 y SK-R03.
Materials Metal
Product Type Video stabilization

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