Samyang Cine Lens Kit 14mm, 24mm, 35mm Canon

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  • 3 Samyang video lenses
  • Compatible with Canon DSLR cameras
  • Perfect for video

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The Samyang Cine Lens Kit 14mm, 24mm, 35mm for Canon is suitable for Canon DSLR cameras compatible with APS-C and Full-Frame sensors. The kit includes a size S briefcase for the 3 Samyang video lenses supplied.

The V-DSLR Kit includes the following three Samyang V-DSLR lenses:



Samyang Cine Lens Kit 14mm, 24mm, 35mm Canon


Product features:

  • Ideal for taking stills - wide-angle scenes, portrait, travel, & lowlight photography.
  • All lenses offer manual focus operation (No AF motor).
  • Lenses feature a de-clicked aperture ring for smooth, silent modifications whenever filming.
  • All three lenses offer a large, maximum T-stop aperture.
  • The Samyang kit for Canon cameras includes a super wide-angle lens (14mm) and two wide-angle lenses (24mm and 35mm).


Samyang Cine Lens Kit 14mm, 24mm, 35mm Canon


Suppying excellent protection the case protects against dirt, fluids splashes, impacts and technical damage. Made of PP plastic materials immune to shocks and also low temperature ranges. The case is secured using two snap buckles that supply powerful tension and avoid unintentional opening. Inside the Samyang case is packed with polyurethane foam to shield the equipment against major impacts and prevents items moving. Each and every lens is positioned in a uniquely cut out hole related to its size.

Construction of the these new lenses has been based on previous types which were mainly for photography. Their main characteristic are the racks co-operating using the follow-focus system. Thanks to these modifications it is possible to precisely and silently operate focus and depth of field. Another capability is placing aperture and focus scale parallel to the axis of the lens and the aperture is marked with the T number.

The Samyang 14mm T3.1 Lens was produced principally for film and video applications. This cine version of Samyang's 14mm lens includes industry-standard gearing for the focus and aperture ring, and the aperture ring is "declicked" for smoother iris pulls. The aperture and focus scales have also been transferred on the side of the lens, where by it is simpler for focus pullers to read.

This VDSLR version of the prize winning Samyang 24mm lens has been exclusively created for Video / Cine purposes is a wide-angle lens that is a great choice for recording street, landscape, buildings as well as normal still photography, even in reduced light circumstances. The lens is built using hybrid aspherical lenses for exceptional, greatly defined images . The lens includes a super multi-layer coating to decrease flare and ghosting.

The Samyang 35mm T1.5 Lens has a geared, manual focus as well as aperture control rings, this model has been improved for digital cinematography. This is a hybrid aspherical lens and includes a multi-layer coating to provide dramatically defined images. The aperture ring and focus of Samyang V-DSLR lenses are serrated to provide you with improved engagement with Follow-Focus systems. This toothed design makes it possible for the rings to move faultlessly as well as silently so both rings provide significantly greater control in the focal plane and depth of field for the duration of recording.

Samyang Cine Lens Kit 14mm, 24mm, 35mm Canon

Additional Info

Model VDSLR1Canon
Sensor APS-C and Full-Frame
Samyang Cine Yes

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Samyang Cine Lens Kit 14mm, 24mm, 35mm Canon What's included

  • Carry case
  • Samyang V-DSLR 14mm T3.1 ED AS IF UMC Lens
  • Samyang V-DSLR 24mm T1.5 ED AS IF UMC Lens
  • Samyang V-DSLR 35mm T1.5 AS IF UMC Lens