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Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fish Eye Lens Sony NEX Silver

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  • Bright and compact lens
  • Compatible with Sony NEX cameras
  • Angle of view 180 degrees
SKU: DI2791   MPN:   EAN: 8809298882815

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The Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fish Eye Lens Sony NEX Silver is recognized for having the ability to contain the whole scene and is a manual focus ultra wide-angle fish-eye lens. Fisheye lenses are basically excessive wide angle lenses that in the beginning were produced for meteorological use, although are now employed by a number of photographers to create different effects.

A fisheye lens, better known as a super-wide or ultra-wide lens, is though of as a wide-angled camera lens in order to take panoramic, hemispherical photographs, this 8mm f/2.8 fisheye lens is comprised of ten elements as a whole (in eight groups) and features a minimum focusing distance of only 0.3 meters.

Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fish Eye Lens Sony NEX Silver

Product features:

  • A fish eye lens is perfect for landscape photography and monuments.
  • Suitable for when all of the objects are a distance from the camera.
  • The lens body is produced with high quality materials.
  • The lens has a number of layers of anti-reflective coating UMC to guarantee high-quality pictures.
  • Conveniently fit the entire image into the frame.

The image viewed from the lens is distorted fairly heavily by the design of the glass in the lens to record not merely what the camera is aimed at, but also the environment. Images taken by this variety of lens have a super wide look to them and delivers beautiful and intriguing photographs.

The lens features an aspherical element (ASP) and also two Low Dispersion lenses (ED) that minimize and help to avoid chromatic aberration. Each Samyang fisheye lens is protected using a coating multi-layer anti-reflective (UMC) providing you with an ideal light transmission, high contrast and a true colour reproduction.

This lens is a small bright lens which is made for Sony NEX compact cameras with ASP-C sensor. The brightness of the lens guarantees high quality images even if shooting in low light circumstances.

Taking into consideration the angle of view of the lens and the depth of field delivered, it is suitable for landscape photography, architectural along with a superb interior design tool, any time it´s challenging to incorporate all the elements inside the composition, like for example if shooting the inside of a building and small restricted spaces.

Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fish Eye Lens Sony NEX Silver

Photograph by Franciscus Nanang Triana

The depth of field of this lens tends to make all you see in the picture well-defined and in focus. The Samyang 8mm fisheye is designed with a angle of view of 180º, a wide depth of field and an overstated perspective distorts the straight lines to create this effect.

The Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fish Eye Lens Sony NEX Silver is additionally well suited for innovative compositions due to spherical distortion of straight lines, distortion that a exclusive and superb optical outcomes is possible.

This specific style of lens is furthermore applied in certain sports, but also in more standard photography for instance landscapes, cityscapes, architecture and are very popular in extreme sports, skateboarding and snowboarding in particular.

Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fish Eye Lens Sony NEX Silver

Photograph by Diueine Monteiro

Additional Info

SKU DI2791
Length 60 mm
Lens type CSC camera lenses
Sensor APS-C
Camera mount Sony E
Samyang Cine No
Minimum aperture f/22
Maximum aperture f/2.8
Fixed Focal Length 8 mm
Minimum focus distance 0,3 m
Lens structure (elements / groups) 10/8
Number of diaphragm blades 6
Number of low dispersion lenses 2
Angle of view 180 °
Approach Manual
Lens hood Yes
Protective cover Yes
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 60 x 55.8 mm
Weight 217 g
Colour Silver

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Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fish Eye Lens Sony NEX Silver What's included

  • Samyang 8mm f/2.8 Fish Eye Lens Sony NEX Silver
  • Protection case