Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2

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  • Compatible with Micro 4/3
  • Compact and fast lens
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The Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2 is a manual focus prime lens, specially designed for recording video, this telephoto lens which is compatible with Micro 4/3 SLR cameras with APS- C and full-frame sensor. The Samyang VDSLR telephoto 85mm is mainly used for video recording purposes as well as for photography.

The Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2 can magnify distant subjects and is therefore ideal for nature photography and portraits. This is a bright Samyang telephoto lens with 8 diaphragm blades to allow to obtain a beautiful blur ( bokeh ) that highlights the central theme of the image.


Product Features:

  • Samyang VDSLR specially designed for recording video.
  • Compatible with Micro 4/3.
  • Compact and fast lens.
  • The Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2 magnifies subjects / distant elements.
  • The Samyang 85mm is ideal for videos and to photograph nature and portraits.
  • The optics of the Samyang 85mm VDSLR consists of 9 elements distributed in 7 groups and has an aspherical lens to improve image quality.
  • 8 diaphragm blades helps to provide smooth bokeh ( blurred background ) effect.
  • The Samyang 85mm VDSLR lens has several layers of anti-reflective coating UMC to ensure high-quality pictures.
  • The focus ring and iris gears ensure better coupling when using Follow-Focus systems.
  • Focus rings and aperture can be adjusted while recording a sequence quietly and gently for greater control of the focal plane and depth of field during recording.
  • Closest focusing distance 1.0m.
  • Angle of view of 28.3 °.

Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2

 Photograph taken by Matthew Chamilothoris

The optics of the Samyang 85 mm VDSLR has 9 elements distributed into 7 groups and an aspherical lens to prevent chromatic aberration. to help improve quality the lens has a multiple layer of anti-reflective coating UMC which brings more contrast to photographs and recordings and faithful colour reproduction.

The iris rings are jagged to ensure better engagement with Follow-Focus systems and allow rotation systems to work effortlessly and quietly. This allows better control of the focal plane and depth of field while shooting a sequence.

Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2

This VDSLR (Video DSLR) lens is actually created generally for professional cine and video making usage. The VDSLR version includes follow focus gearing and decoupled aperture, which will permit the operator to smoothly and silently change focus and aperture / depth of field even when filming, and link to professional follow focus cam products.

The Samyang 85mm includes multi-coated lenses which assist the rather high level of light transmission, and added resistance to flare and ghosting. It offers a good sized manual focus ring and is completely adapted to most photographic applications (excluding sports or fast moving subjects) where manual focus will not be a major issue.

Accurate for focus critical scenarios can be carried out with the aid of focusing in the live view setting, available to a large number of more modern camera models. In practice users of this lens including professional photographers are finding manual focus of the Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2 not to be a worry, even shooting at f1.4 by using a very shallow depth of field in minimal light conditions with static and slow moving subjects accurate focus may be accomplished providing outstanding results.

Additionally, there are growing quantities of end users using DSLRs for filming and High Definition (HD) video and manual focus lenses enable the user to adjust focus in the course of filming, so it´s for this reason why the VDSLR varieties have been produced.

Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2

Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2

Photograph taken by Matthew Chamilothoris

Additional Info

SKU DI4711
Lens type Lens for DSLR cameras
Sensor APS-C and Full-Frame
Camera mount Micro 4/3
Samyang Cine Yes
Minimum aperture T/22
Maximum aperture T/1.5
Fixed Focal Length 85 mm
Minimum focus distance 100 cm
Lens structure (elements / groups) 9/7
Number of diaphragm blades 8
Number of ASP aspherical hybrid lenses 1
Diameter mmm 72 mm
Angle of view 28,3º
Approach Manual
Lens hood Yes
Protective cover Yes
Dimensions (Height x Diameter) 78 x 74.7mm
Weight 577 g
Colour Black

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Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR Lens for Olympus PEN E-P2 What's included

  • Samyang 85mm T1.5 V-DSLR AS IF UMC Micro 4/3
  • Lens-hood
  • Protection case