Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x

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  • Telephoto convertor lens
  • Supports diameters: 43, 52, 55 and 58mm
SKU: MI2786   MPN: DCR2025  EAN: 0024616020412, 4961787600202

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The Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x lens allows you to take high-definition photographs easily, offering a maximum magnification factor of 2.2x, this lens assists you to you take spectacular close-up images of small and distant objects with ease. The lens shade function in this Raynox lens obstructs undesirable light beams and captures photographs with minimized flare. With a weight of only 275 gm, this Raynox HD telephoto conversion lens is extremely portable.

Telephoto lenses help to make things look bigger. A telephoto lens can be used for more than simply to magnify distant objects and are perfect for getting you directly into the center of sports activity, a significant benefit of enabling you to zoom in or out to obtain the exact framing you want, which can be especially useful considering that in lots of of the scenarios in which you'd use one you might not have the ability to freely move around.


Product Features:

  • Photograph significantly distant subjects without having to physically get closer.
  • Includes four adapter rings for connecting to different diameters.
  • Optical construction: 4 elements organized into 2 groups.
  • Anti-reflective coating helps to reduce chromatic aberrations.
  • The Raynox lens DCR-2025 Pro includes a parasol to protect the lens.
  • This conversion lens increases the focal length by 2.2X.

Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x

The Raynox conversion lens DCR-2025 increases the focal distance by 2.2X.

Telephoto lenses have longer focal lengths and smaller angles of view therefore they make subjects in the distance appear closer and larger.This telephoto converter lens offers an additional approach if you would like to photograph subjects, connecting the Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x to the camcorder or camera lens will increase the focal length by 2.2x .

The optical system of the Raynox lens features 2 elements divided into 4 groups. The lens surface includes several layers of an anti-reflective coating for improved light transmission to avoid chromatic aberrations, this lens efficiently corrects chromatic aberrations in photographs.

Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x

Photograph taken by Mal

Telephoto lenses can be used to produce photographic compression, using a telephoto lens on a distant scene of repeating, overlapping shapes, for instance cars and trucks on a road, is likely to make them look closer to one another than they actually are. The narrow angle of view on the lens is perfect for trimming away elements of a scene you don't wish to include. A telephoto zoom lens is also useful when taking photos of landscapes and sports photography.

Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x

 Photograph taken by Ted Roger Carson

The Raynox converting lens has a 62mm mount ring which includes four adapters for connecting to different lens diameters. The Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x can be used in both cameras and camcorders and supports lenses with the diameters : 43, 52, 55 and 58mm . The converter lens has a 82mm front thread and includes a thread in order to attach accessories such as a lens-hood, filters and more.On the whole, this Raynox DCR-2025 lens really makes a terrific addition to your camera kit.

Additional Info

SKU MI2786
Model DCR2025
Product details
Conversion Factor 2.2x
Adapter rings included Yes
Diameter rings 43, 52, 55 and 58mm
Compatibility Lenses of 43, 52, 55, 58 and 62mm diameter
Weight 275 g

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Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x What's included

  • Raynox Telephoto Convertor Lens DCR-2025 Pro 2.2x
  • Lens-hood