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Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black

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  • Raynox 0.5X Wide Angle Conversion Lens
  • Includes 6 adapter rings for different diameters
SKU: MI2800   MPN: HD-5050PRO-LE  EAN: 4961787100238

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The Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black was created to expand the angle of view, which includes being able to view a wider view area within the image, whenever mounted on the lens of the Digital Video Camcorder and works with camcorders with a 37mm thread. The Raynox HD-5050PRO is made from high-index optical glass elements using a unique three-group/four-element lens method and also features coated optical glass elements.

This concept within lens design enables us to accomplish an incredible high-definition wide-angle lens with a six hundred lines/mm resolution, and it also retains focus through the entire zoom range of any kind of camcorder. To make sure of a broad compatibility, the lens consists of 6-adapter rings for 27mm/ 30mm/30.5mm/ 34mm/37mm/ 43mm filter size camcorders.

 Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black


Product features:

  • Conversion Factor: 0.5x
  • Conversion Lens in black.
  • Supports converting lens cameras and camcorders.
  • Frame: 37mm.
  • Front Diameter: 62mm.
  • 6 adapter rings to connect the different diameters.
  • Frontal diameter threaded accessory.
  • Optical construction:3-groups/4-elements. Coated optical glass elements.
  • The surface of the lenses has been treated with anti-reflective coating.


A wide-angle conversion lens is a lens in which you can fix the housing in order to broaden the camera's angle of view, improving the quantity of the scene ahead of you that you could then take as a single photo. A wide-angle conversion lens provides you with a broader angle of view than the usual digital camera's pre-installed wide-angle settings.

Should you have seen wide-angle pictures inside diving publications, they're a superb example of the functionality associated with wide-angle lenses, a heavy sense of scale along with sweeping underwater scenery.

Specialist photographers generally take these types of photos by using a single-lens reflex cameras using a super wide-angle lens connected. This equipment can be quite costly, however to accomplish some of the same outcomes from your compact digital camera, connect this Raynox HD-5050PRO on to the compact digital camera housing and it will offer you a fisheye-lens-like appearance with an expanded sense of scale.

 Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black 

Photographed without the converting lens Raynox HD-5050PRO

 Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black

Photographed using the wide angle conversion lens Raynox HD-5050PRO


The optical construction of the conversion lens Raynox HD-5050PRO is composed of 3 elements divided into 4 groups. The lens surface includes several layers of anti-reflective coating for improved light transmission and to avoid chromatic aberrations.

  Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black

The Raynox conversion lens includes 6 ring
adapters for connecting the different diameters of the lenses

The Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black is perfect for landscape photography, architecture, and for really small areas wherever it is quite difficult to incorporate all factors within the composition.

Whenever you run into big subjects or extensive seascapes and you wish to fit as much as possible of what you see inside the frame of the image. That is when this wide-angle lens comes into its own, not only does it fit much more subject matter within your frame, but with its expanded depth of field catches each and every inch in razor-sharp focus to get more impact within the image.

An additional use for the Raynox HD-5050PRO is for when the photographer would like to emphasise the difference in dimensions or distance between physical objects within the foreground and the background; close by physical objects seem substantial and items at a moderate distance seem small and a long way away.




 Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black


The Raynox HD-5050 Pro Super Wide Angle Conversion Lens Black is not compatible with the Sony DCR-DVD301/201/101.



Additional Info

SKU MI2800
Model HD-5050PRO-LE
Product details
Conversion Factor 0.5X
Adapter rings included Yes
Diameter rings 25 / 27 / 30 / 30.5 / 43 mm
Compatibility Lenses with diameter 25mm, 27mm, 30mm, 30.5mm, 37mm and 43mm.
Weight 110 g

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