Raynox 62mm MX-3062 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X

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  • Ideal for sport photography
  • Instant semi-fish eye lens
  • Attaches to 62mm lenses
  • Exclusively designed for professional camcorders
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The Raynox 62mm MX-3062 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X is a semi-fisheye ultra wide-angle converter lens that attaches on to the exterior of the lens. It hooks up to 62mm filter size camcorders and cameras without employing any sort of adapter ring in any way. The wide angle coefficient is 0.3x which will achieve a 25% wider angle and features full zoom-through ability.

Semi-fisheye lenses are perfect for shooting in enclosed areas and make it possible for you to get a lot more in the frame, like in the interior of a aircraft or vehicle, this sort of lens was initially developed to be applied in astronomy to monitor the skies.


 Raynox 62mm MX-3062 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X

Product features:

  • Ideal for sport, action and landscape photography.
  • Encompass more of the image easily into the frame.
  • Coated lenses remove glare and assure for clear images.
  • Achieves a 25% wider angle.

It´s simple to photograph the inside of a restricted space making use of this lens, particularly on the inside of properties, the lens makes it possible for large coverage of landscapes and is quite simple to use, basically aim on the image you would like to shoot, since the lens encompasses a great deal in its frame you can´t fail.

An additional method to make use of the Raynox 62mm MX-3062 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X is in close distance sports activities or any type of action photography. Such types of lenses happen to be employed for many years to record skateboarders for close-up and distance shots that look breathtaking.

Raynox semi-fisheye images can provide intriguing and fascinating attributes, they provide a density of visual information that may be normally inaccessible to the naked eye or perhaps using normal ‘pinhole’ style cameras. The extreme barrel-shaped bending of the image, is just as if viewing a globe.The principal variation among a fisheye (circular) and semi-fisheye (rectilinear) are generally related to the shape of the image alone as well as how much of the frame the image consumes.

Raynox 62mm MX-3062 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X

These images were taken using a Sony HDR-FX7 HDV camcorder with and without the Raynox conversion lens connected, from the same distance.

Raynox 62mm MX-3062 Pro Semi Fisheye Lens 0.3X

With the Raynox MX-3062 Semi-fisheye lens 0.3x 1G / 1E

This Raynox lens offers you an extreme wide angle perspective with eye catching fisheye outcomes. Semi-fisheye lenses are somewhere between a true fisheye lens and a wide-angle lens, they demonstratecurving of images in the corners, but not as exaggerated as an authentic fisheye lens. Fisheye lenses are wider than wide-angle lenses characteristically by using a field of view of around 180 degrees if not more. This lens gives a 25% wider angle of view, ideal for compact areas and wide views.

By using a magnification of a nominal 0.3x the lens delivers a lens construction of 1G / 1E and the surfaces of the lens are entirely coated to minimize glare and remove unwelcome reflections.

Additional Info

Product details
Conversion Factor 0.3x
Compatibility Lenses of 62mm diameter
Weight 205 g

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