Raynox 58mm HD-6600 Pro Wide Angle Convertor Lens 0.66X

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  • Wide angle lens converter
  • Compatible with 58mm lenses
  • Ideal for landscape photography
SKU: VDTS-2966   MPN: HD-6600PRO-58  EAN: 0024616100008

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The Raynox 62mm HD-6600 Pro Wide Angle Convertor Lens 0.66X is a wide-angle lens which enables you to incorporate much more of the scene inside of the frame and offers a greater depth of field at small apertures in comparison to regular or telephoto lenses.

This is a high quality wideangle conversion lens which is manufactured from high index optical glass elements using a three-group, three-element lens formula. You are able to to accomplish an incredible high quality wideangle lens of 540 lines/mm resolution. It is intended for the full zoom area and stays in focus.

Raynox 58mm HD-6600 Pro Wide Angle Convertor Lens 0.66X

 The Raynox 58mm HD-6600 Pro Wide Angle Convertor Lens is a budget way of obtaining wide angle photographs


Product features:

  • Compatible with 58mm diameter lenses
  • 72mm diameter front thread
  • Coated optical glass elements improve image quality.
  • Capture amazing wide angle images for a budget price.
  • Ideal lens for landscape, sport, monument photography and more.
  • No lowering of light value if the conversion lens is connected on the camera's lens.


This wide-angle lens uses a focal length that is shorter, and therefore wider, as compared to normal regular lenses. This converts to focal lengths of 35mm or shorter, any time working in 35mm or full-frame format, which generates an angle of view which is higher than the standard human eye.

The Raynox lens uses a 3-group / 3-element lens construction utilizing anti-reflection coatings upon all surfaces, it enhances the image quality substantially and provides far more light for a brighter picture, this coating removes the strayed beams at the edge of the lens reducing the aberration effects for increased and increased image quality.

This wide physical appearance also offers you an impact regarding how the subject matter in the frame is delivered, frequently being exaggerated or somewhat unaligned, the closer the subject is to the camera position.

However, providing you maintain the wide angle lens square to the subject to reduce disfigurement, this distinctive perspective is excellent for taking photos of groups of people, real-estate, wedding receptions, indoors in actual fact anything that you have to fit into to the frame.


Raynox 58mm HD-6600 Pro Wide Angle Convertor Lens 0.66X

With a Raynox 58mm HD-6600 Lens you can fit much more in to the frame

It undoubtedly shows the difference of Raynox lens elements from the levels of competition that are not even layer coated and incorrectly treated. You will see no lowering of light value whenever this conversion lens is mounted on the camera's lens.

This Raynox 58mm convertor lens is additionally fitting for doing work in tight locations wherever physical space is restricted and you simply can't move back anymore. Wide-angle lenses also can capture the area around an interior location when you need to incorporate architectural elements. For environmental portraits, these kind of lenses are perfect.

It is simple to not be seen so significantly using a wide angle lens, this makes them ideal for street photography, so that your not in the way of the subject he / she may behave more naturally since you don´t have to get that near to the subject using a wide angle lens.

Additional Info

Model HD-6600PRO-58
Product details
Conversion Factor 0.66x
Weight 178 g
Front Lens Diameter (mm) 72 mm

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