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Raynox 52mm HD-4500PRO Wideangle Lens 0.45x

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  • Conversion factor of 0.45x
  • Ideal for landscape photography
  • Fast auto-focus
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The Raynox 52mm HD-4500PRO Wideangle Lens is employed by countless photographers that want to obtain a wide-angle, because they would like considerably more coverage within the picture. Its a well-known option for landscape fanatics and in these types of circumstances, the remarkable results that can be obtained with this kind of lens are not at all times that evident. 

 Raynox 52mm HD-4500PRO Wideangle Lens 0.45x 

Product features:

  • Quality Raynox wide angle lens.
  • Ideal for landscape photography and encompasses more into the scene.
  • Optionally available adapter rings for 37mm, 43mm, 46mm, 49mm and 55mm filter sizes are readily available
  • The lens has several anti-reflection coatings to improve image quality.



An incredible super wide angle lens of 0.45x widens the angle of view significantly and focuses at virtually any zoom position, the lens uses a mounting thread of 52mm. The Raynox HD-4500PRO Wide angle lens is designed with excellent optical quality for general use, particularly for the intent of obtaining a still image or reproduction at high definitions.

Wide angle photography relates to images that expose a greater angle compared to what may be observed by the human eye. If you go wider and you will probably begin to see a distinction.

When it comes to small subjects, a Raynox 52mm wideangle lens makes it possible for the photographer to capture a larger percentage of the background and to make the most of a heightened depth of field, this results in an artistic technique to the image.

Whenever photographing large subjects, a wide angle lens allows the photographer to capture the complete subject without having getting too far away from it.

The benefit is clear, as the closer you might be to the subject, the less space there may be between your subject and the lens. This offers you with the possibility to uncover more information in your image, while maintaining your light source.

Raynox 52mm HD-4500PRO Wideangle Lens 0.45x 

With a Raynox 52mm HD-4500PRO wide angle lens you can fit much more in the frame

Landscape photography is where wide-angles are usually most often applied. This really is as a result of their improved field of vision. In general images show up normal but it is still possible to accomplish some perspective distortion.

An additional use for applying a Raynox wideangle lens is for shooting in limited spaces, like the inside of a building. Just like landscape photography, the distortion is not really as evident in the image.

One of the initial thing that usually takes some getting used to is the exaggerated perspective, quite simply wherever the foreground and background appear stretched far apart.

One of the unpredicted areas when a wide-angle lens may be used is portraiture. With a high viewpoint features including the forehead, spectacles and nose area can show up really exaggerated.

Additional Info

Product details
Conversion Factor 0.45x
Compatibility Videocámaras Sony TRV-900 / 950, DSRPD100A / PDX10
Weight 95 g

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