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Quantuum LH-40 Light Tent Kit + 4 Lamps of 5500K

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  • Made for product photography
  • 4 Background Colours
  • Natural reproduction
  • Smooth illumination
  • Portable: Includes carry bag
Kit fotografía de producto
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If you are looking for the ideal lighting solution for product photography, look no further. You have found what you were looking for, the Quantuum LH-40 Light tent kit  is a streamlined and transportable set of four 5500K lamps, a 75 x 75 x 75cm lighting tent as well as four tripod stands. There are additionally four different coloured backgrounds provided.

Kit fotografía de producto

The Quantuum LH-40 Light tent kit is a fantastic answer for website photography and online business retailers, internet retailers etc


Product features:

  • Includes four continuous light bulbs with a color temperature of 5500K.
  • Four searchlights are used for more uniform and diffused light.
  • The light box is made of translucent material and measures 75 x 75 x 75cm.
  • The four interchangeable colored backgrounds will adapt to each lighting situation.
  • Choose the best background that suits you, from red, blue, white and black.
  • Supports different heights so you can control the direction of light.

It provides the photographer with completely homogeneous, soft, shadowless lighting which features accurate colour reproduction and provides natural lighting for product photography. It provides an immaculate, totally professional, high quality lighting solution and a perfect finish exhibiting the product in it´s best condition.

With this studio Quantuum LH-40 Light tent kit you have everything you need to get on in the world of product photography: a light box 75 x 75 x 75 cm, four bulbs of 30W and a colour temperature of 5500K, four reflectors, four flash brackets (two small 24 to 35cm and two 60 to 220cm) and a carrying case. The Quantuum LH-40 Light tent kit includes four interchangeable backgrounds of four different colors: red, blue, black and white, choose the one that suits the current lighting circumstances to emphasize the item being photographed.

The bulbs emit a continuous light so you can see the result any time through the camera´s viewfinder; you can shoot without using a flash when you find the optimal exposure and enjoy flawless results. Set up the light box, which is also folds away for easy transport, and then place your subject inside.

Place the lamps on the front and sides of the box as desired, each bulb has a temperature of 5500 K which is the same temperature colour as the sun; therefore you will get a totally accurate reproduction of the colour of the product. The light box is made of high quality translucent material .

Kit fotografía

Four additional background colours are provided


Owing to the different heights available you will always obtain the best lighting; by simply changing the position you will have full control over the direction, intensity and distribution of light. This light set is designed for professionals, is comfortable, convenient, economical and provides spectacular results.

Everything you need is available in this Quantuum kit, it´s sure to fit your needs. All that remains is to start shooting your favorite products.


Kit fotografía

 The Quantuum LH-40 Light tent kit in action

Additional Info

Model LH-40
Kit incluye
Support Yes
Conical snoot x4
Bag included Yes
Included 4 interchangeable different colored backgrounds

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Quantuum LH-40 Light Tent Kit + 4 Lamps of 5500K What's included

  • 4 x Bulbs: 30W, 5500K 4 x Reflectors: 26cm in diameter
  • 2 x Small flash supports: of 24cm to 35cm
  • 2 x Big flash supports: of 60cm to 20cm
  • 1 x Quantuum light tent 75x75 cm.
  • 4 x Backgrounds: black, white, red, blue
  • Transport case