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Nature Photography Kit

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  • A kit designed for nature lovers
  • Samyang super telephoto zoom lens 650-1300mm
  • Includes a tripod with a load capacity of 10kg
  • Take a big leap with this kit at an unbeatable price!
  • Get stunning shots and close-ups
  • For Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Samsung and Pentax cameras
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We offer you a Samyang 650-1300mm f /8.16 super telephoto zoom lens and a professional Gloxy GX-T6662A tripod with an amazing load capacity of no more and no less than 10kg. We additionally include a free T2 adapter for connecting the Samyang super telephoto lens to your camera. You can use it with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and Samsung mounts, so be sure to choose the adapter ring you need.

Get amazing close-ups of distant subjects, animals, vegetation ... or if you prefer, look at the sky! With all the distance this lens offers, you can capture moments normally not seen with the naked eye..... This Samyang lens is also suitable for astrophotography.

Nature Photography Kit

Capture images that are normally out of sight - Photo by Marcello Consolo

Product features:

  • Recommended for nature photography and astrophotography.
  • Includes a Samyang super telephoto zoom lens and a professional Samyang tripod.
  • Free T2 adapter to attach the lens to your camera.
  • Compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and Samsung cameras.

This Samyang lens is the only 650-1300 mm lens on the market today that can boast such a variable focal length. It is compatible with camera models using Full Frame and APS-C sensor, so it is ideal for both professionals and serious amateurs.
The construction of the Samyang super telephoto zoom is structured of 8 elements arranged in to 5 groups; all coated with anti-reflective layers to ensure perfect light transmission. It attaches to the camera body using the T2 adapter.

Nature Photography Kit

Included is an adapter to attach the lens to a stable tripod (tripod photo does not correspond to the one included in this kit)

If you are passionate about capturing the unachievable and cannot wait, this kit will allow you to capture those moments that we usually can´t see or appreciate because they are too far away from us ... Do you want to experience that moment when you capture a previously unachievable moment?

The Gloxy Gx-T6662A Tripod is a tripod with a high load capacity of 10kg designed to perfectly hold the weight of long lenses or heavy equipment. It also has several features that make it an incredibly all-round tripod. Once folded it occupies no more than 56cm and weighs only 1.4 kg; so you can carry it with ease. It can reach a height of 1626mm; so nothing will remain out of reach. Includes a ball head using a bubble leveling system and quick release plate. The system tab closure on the legs allows for rapid height adjustments.

Nature Photography Kit

Includes quick release plate and a bubble leveling system; the legs have a tab closure 

When you order you will receive an incredibly powerful super-telephoto zoom lens of professional quality, compatible with Full Frame and APS-C sensors. Compatible with your camera using a universal T2 adapter mount, included. Attach the adapter ring and then aim the camera ... ready! Besides the Samyang 650-1300 mm adapter it also arrives with a tripod; this maintains a perfect balance that keeps all your equipment stable on the tripod. This Samyang lens, the focus and aperture are adjusted manually; This is why it´s  available for an incredibly competitive price. Take advantage of this chance! 

Nature Photography Kit

The lens includes a protective lens case and lens covers

If you love nature this is your ideal kit. Really get into amazing wildlife close-ups. With this Samyang lens nothing will remain out of reach! Get into this type of exciting photography and amaze each and every one with magnificent snapshots of nature.  

Nature Photography Kit

With this photography nature kit you can photograph the unachievable - Photo by Aaron Smith

With a Samyang super telephoto zoom lens and the stable, sturdy tripod and adapter, you'll have everything you need to start in the world of nature photography. A kit completely designed so you can start enjoying this type of photography as soon as you receive it. Are you ready to get going? 

Nature Photography Kit

The kit includes a Samyang 650-1300 mm f/8.16 Lens, a professional Gloxy GX-T666A2 tripod and T2 adapter for your camera


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Nature Photography Kit
  • Ideal for nature photography
  • Large 650-1300mm focal distance
  • Aperture diaphragm f/8.16
  • Compatible with universal T mount
  • Manual focusl
Nature Photography Kit
  • High load capacity of 10kg
  • Once folded takes up only 56cm
  • It weighs 1.4kg; ideal for easy transportation
  • Includes ball head with quick release plate and bubble leveling system
Nature Photography Kit
  • T2 adapter included in this kit
  • Choose the appropriate model for your camera from the drop down tab; at the top of the ad



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Nature Photography Kit What's included

  • Samyang 650-1300mm f/8-16 Super telephoto zoom
  • Gloxy GX-T6662A professional tripod
  • Case to protect the lens
  • Bag to transport the camera
  • T2 adapter for your camera