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Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter

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  • Take close-up photographs
  • Up to a 1:7 reproduction ratio
  • Compatible with Canon EF mounts
  • Maintains use of AF
  • Includes 58mm, 67mm, 72mm and 77mm adapters
SKU: 0712076139   MPN: MK-C-UP  EAN: 6955184930862

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This Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter unwraps the world of extreme close-up photography to end users of Canon EF cameras that use wide angle or zoom lenses. The lens is attached on to the adapter in a reverse posture, providing you with spectacular quality in the final results. The adapter transfers all the images details to the camera body. No prime macro lens is capable of matching this range.

They are remarkably beneficial for macro photography, allowing you to transform nearly any lens into a macro lens for a small percentage of the price, whilst preserving its original optical quality. The Meike adapter will work and is fully compatible with lenses of the size 58, 67, 72 or 77mm in diameter.


 Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter

 Photograph was taken with a Canon 70-200mm lens and the Kooka KK-AT5 Macro AF Adapter


Product features:

  • Obtain a reproduction ratio of 1:7.
  • Compatible with Canon EF mounts.
  • Enjoy incredible close-ups with your lens.
  • Works with lenses of 58, 67, 72 and 77mm in diameter.
  • You can work with auto focus and set the aperture.
  • A simple and budget friendly option to buying a full macro lens.


This is a simple and affordable option to take pleasure and venture into the world of macro photography, the rings are good quality, this helps ensure an extended life in comparison to several other inverter rings that are made from plastic. The adapter is durable, high quality and is mechanically engineered.

Working with a Canon EOS zoom lens using a focal length of 28-105 in reverse position, makes it possible for the individual to take photographs with magnification ratios of 1:7 at the 105mm end to 2.8:1 at the 28mm setting. No other type of prime macro lens is in a position to match this range.

This is a straightforward and inexpensive alternative that will allow you to take pleasure in macro photography. Amazing first shots and close-ups are within reach without changing lenses. If you like macro photography then this adapter will open up a whole new world for you. You can also make use of auto-focus and set the aperture using this adapter.

Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter

Use the appropriate adapter ring; choose between 58, 67, 72 and 77 mm (all included)

Once the adapter has been fitted to the lens it can be used as a normal lens in the same manner. To get perfect focus all you need to do is get close to the subject in question. Your pictures will appear with a very shallow depth of field, therefore, the area surrounding the point of the subject will be slightly out of focus, providing a soft blurred Bokeh (background) effect.

This helps to further highlight the detail of whichever subject you choose to photograph. Now with no need to change lenses, simply use the lenses you have at home, just attach the Meike MK-C-UP adapter to your lens and camera body.


Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter

Photograph taken with the Canon 70-200 mm and Meike MK-C-UP adapter

Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter

Meike mounts are made from resistant aluminium and have a long life

You can still use auto-focus, adjust the aperture and the shutter speed and ISO sensitivity. Autofocus takes a few seconds longer to focus than usual, but that is the only difference.

Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse AdapterPicture taken with the Canon EOS 600D and 18-55mm standard lens - Before and after connecting the Meike MK-C-UP adapter

Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter

Picture taken with Canon EOS 600D and 18-55mm standard lens - Before and after connecting the Meike MK-C-UP adapter 

Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter

Compatible with Canon EF mount cameras

Additional Info

SKU 0712076139
Model MK-C-UP
Product details
Adapter rings included Yes
Diameter rings 58, 67, 72 and 77mm
Compatibility Canon Mounts

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Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter What's included

  • Meike MK-C-UP Macro Reverse Adapter
  • Adapter ring for 58mm lenses
  • Adapter ring for 67mm lenses
  • Adapter ring for 72mm lenses
  • Adapter ring for 77mm lenses