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JJC MA-D Trigger cable

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  • JJC MA-D Trigger cable for Panasonic and Leica
  • JJC MA-D Remote Cord replaces the trigger cable Panasonic DMW-RS1, RSL1 and Leica CR-D1
SKU: DI2330   MPN:   EAN: 6950291500168

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When using the JJC MA-D Trigger cable the camera can be placed in challenging to access locations where the photographer usually is unable to reach, this can include locations with restricted accessibility, small spaces or an area in where a person is not allowed.

The Panasonic MA-D trigger cable has a shutter release button on the remote just  like the camera, it focuses when pressed in halfway, while pressing it down fully enables the camera to shoot. The JJC MA-D Trigger cable is ideal for long exposures or continuous exposure burst shooting, simply press the button all the way down and slide it in to the locking position, to unlock it the button is slid back in to the original position .

JJC MA-D Trigger cable

Using the Panasonic MA-D, the images will never turn out blurred


Product features:

  • The JJC MA-D Trigger cable for Panasonic replaces the Panasonic DMW -RS1 controls, RSL1 and Leica CR- D1.
  • The trigger cable removes vibration and prevents jitter, very handy for self-portraits, night photography, macro photography and long exposure photographs and group pictures.
  • The trigger cable allows you to lock the shutter for long exposures or in bursts.
  • Length of the cable: 90cm.
  • The JJC MA-D Trigger cable replaces the remote cord JJC MA-D control and replaces the Panasonic DMW -RS1, Leica CR- RSL1 and D1.
    The JJC MA-D Trigger cable is compatible with:
    Panasonic DMC- GX7, DMC- FZ200, DMC- GH3, DMC- FZ20, DMC- FZ20k, DMC- FZ20S, DMC- FZ30, DMC- FZ30K, DMC- FZ30S , DMC- FZ50K, DMC- FZ50S, DMC- FZ50, LC -1, L1, DIGILUX 2 DIGILUX 3 L -10, DMC- G1, DMC- GH1, DMC- GF1, DMC -G2, DMC -G3, DMC- G10, DMC- GH2, DMC- FZ100 with Leica cameras DIGILUX3, DIGILUX2, V - and V - LUX2 LUX1.

This Panasonic MA-D trigger cable is compact and easy to carry, take your shots from a distance and trip the shutter of your camera without having to press the shutter button which helps to prevent vibration. The JJC MA-D Trigger cable is very practical to use especially in long exposure photographs, and in group shots in which the photographer is also be included and in self-portraits or macro photography when it is often difficult to get close to the object to be photographed, like in a cupboard. 

Using the Panasonic MA-D trigger cable it will ensure that the images you take will never blur.

Additional Info

SKU DI2330
Technical Details
Compatible with Panasonic and Leica
Replaces Panasonic DMW-RS1, RSL1 and Leica CR-D1
Wireless No
Cable length 90 cm
Colour Black
Manufacturer JJC
Weight and Dimensions
Weight 50 g
Other Features
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 1,7 x 2,4 x 8 cm

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