Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red

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  • High impact resistant material
  • Gives stabilization for action video shoots
  • Non-slip rubber feet
SKU: DI2114   MPN:   EAN: 8436537141343

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Whether you are shooting home videos or professional films, the advantages of the Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red are limitless. For those who have shaky hands or perhaps you are capturing video footage using a heavy camera, you know that it usually is sometimes very difficult to obtain a steady shot. Stabilizer handles are also really adaptable, which can be advantageous to those who are working with microphones and light accessories.

The Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red provides stability, it is not necessary to be worried about holding the hands still when you use a camera stabilizer, should you be shooting action video footage, you can quickly and easily rotate the camera in a very smooth manner to capture the video footage.

 Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red
The Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red with camera mounted (camera not included)

Product features:

  • Gives stabilization for action video shoots.
  • Hot shoe for connecting a flash, video light or other accessories.
  • Will fit most compact digital cameras, camcorders, and entry SLRs.
  • Fits compact, DSLR and video cameras and semi-compact cameras with a conventional 1/4" thread.
  • Adaptable thread (front to back and left to right) to suit as many models as possible.
  • Foam padded handle that gives more control and comfort throughout large sessions.
  • Detachable shoe mount on the top for extra microphone, video light or flash.
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • High impact resistant material.
  • Max camera height: 4.75" (120mm).
  • Dimensions: 8.25" X 9.75" X 3.50" HxLxW (209mm X 247mm X 89mm).
  • Weight: 12.2 oz (345g) without device.

Although adaptability might not be useful to most amateur users, it is extremely advantageous to all those in the professional film and video marketplace, and can be a real problem to be able to capture video footage which is near to the ground or high in mid-air. Using the Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red you just need to point the arm of the stabilizer down or up-wards for capturing the footage that you might want, without having to put additional stress and strain on your neck and arms.

The stabilizer handle is the perfect video and recording device for professionals and enthusiasts. This Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red gives you both balance and control when recording when you are moving yourself.

The Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red gives you improved control along with comfort to help with your video creation using a stable mount and a comfortable top hand grip. Using the stabilizer handle you will enjoy an easier method to transport your camera, plus softer, more steady video capturing at lower levels, all the way right down to ground level. When you want to capture  in the course of events, for example from a skateboard, rollerblades, surfing, skiing, a bicycle and many more, the Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red makes it simple. A hot shoe adapter which enables you to mount a light, remote control, or a microphone is included.

The Gloxy  stabilizer handle is compatible with compact, semi-compact, DSLR and video cameras with standard 1/4" thread to fit as many models as possible, with its light design and non-slip rubber feet the Gloxy Movie Maker Stabilizer Handle Red is the ideal product to produce excellent, stable and magnificent videos with your Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony, Pentax or Panasonic camera.

Additional Info

SKU DI2114
Technical Details
Product Type Video stabilization
Colour Red
Soft grip handle Yes
Mounting 1/4"
Microphone socket Yes
Connection for lighting Yes
Compatible products Cameras and Camcorders with 1/4 " thread and a maximum height of 120mm
Weight and Dimensions
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 209 x 247 x 89mm
Weight 345 g

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