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Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma

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  • Ideal for time-lapse changes in brightness
  • An essential accessory for professionals and amateurs!
  • Night photography, HDR art, creative self-portraits
  • Create star-trails and lightpainting
  • LED light display and ergonomic design
  • For Sigma DSLR cameras
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The Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer has several uses, one of the primary ones in long exposure photography. Easily use it to get the "silk effect" in moving subjects such as a waterfall. It´s also convenient to use in night photography, low light conditions or use it specifically for night photography where longer exposure times are usually required.

Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma

One of the many effects you can obtain with a remote control is the "silk effect" on water - Photo by Eggy Sayoga

Whenever you click the camera´s shutter a small vibration is produced and often the image appears blurred, sometimes even if the operator is using a tripod. The answer is to use a Gloxy MET-H/I Sigma Remote Intervalometer as you will no longer have contact directly with the camera and so avoid blur in the images.

Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma

Control your camera remotely; so you will not cause vibrations in the body of the camera and get sharp images and motion blurring

Product features:

  • Ideal for long exposure photography; prevents image blur.
  • Get top quality and clarity in night photography. 
  • You can make comfortable self portraits, photographs, star-trails and lightpainting. 
  • Recommended for HDR; show photos with different exposure times. 
  • The intervalometer is ideal for creating time lapses; You can program for up to 100 hours. 
  • You can program up to 999 blocks of 9 photographs; there are numerous possibilities. 
  • LED display that lights up and works perfectly in nighttime scenarios. 
  • Audible warnings that can be activated and deactivated; helps control the way you work. 
  • Includes cable release (communication) to connect to it to the camera.
  • Compatible with Sigma DSLR cameras.
Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma

Try out your lightpainting - Photograph taken by Tackyshack


Using the remote control with intervalometer superb strategies can be put into place to create techniques such as star-trail photography, due to the programming features of the device you can obtain these out-standing results.

Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma

Photograph taken by slmon.anderson - example star-trail control with intervalometer 


The remote control incorporates a bright easy to read LCD display as well as sound alerts (that can be turned off if required) and you can program up to 999 blocks. Every block allows you to program up to 9 various exposures, using a maximum exposure time of 100 hours. Easily select time frames from 1 second to 100 hours or continuous shooting up to 999. Simply select the delay time (DE), select the exposure time (BU), select the time interval (INT), and lastly the number of shots (N).

Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma

To adjust the remote control is really easy and you'll have plenty of options at your fingertips; screen features LED lights and audible warning. Just connect it to your camera and get started

When the Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer is delivered just plug it together and start taking pleasure in using it, it comes complete with all cables, batteries and connectors so you can connect it to the camera and start using it.

Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma

Includes everything you need to connect it to the camera and get started right away

Make use of the remote control in HDR (High-dynamic-range imaging) photography, it allows you establish images within the same frame, using the time period of your choice, starting from 1 second and using several different exposure intervals. To get beautifully sharp and exactly the same images with various exposures; underexposed, and one overexposed and another half exposed. After that just place the three pictures directly into a photo enhancing program to obtain results similar to this:

Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma

Photograph taken by Omar - Example of HDR photography technique 

The remote control allows you to set time periods from 1 second upwards and program up to 999 shots. It´s also possible to establish an exposure time up to 100 hours.


Video made by Miguel Montero and Jorge Ulecia - Example of  a time-lapse 

Easily set various exposure times in each individual block; of 1 second and so forth. Choose a faster shutter speed in a set way. Capture images using time intervals which you can choose (we suggest two seconds more than the exposure time of your chosen option) then choose the amount of snapshots to be taken. After this all you have to do is put together an amazing reproduction of all the images at high speed and you get your time-lapse photograph.

Additional Info

SKU DI4021
Technical Details
Compatible with Sigma
Replaces Sigma remotes CR11 and CR-21
Wireless No
Built-in Display LCD
Maximum number of blocks 999
Number of exposures 9 Exposures per block
Maximum exposure 99h 59min 59s
Maximum interval 99h 59min 59s
Minimum interval 1s
Timer Yes
Beep Yes (can be disabled)
Colour Black
Manufacturer Gloxy

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Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma What's included

  • Gloxy MET Remote Intervalometer Sigma
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Trigger Cable (Communication)
  • Instruction manual in 6 languages