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Gloxy 4X Macro Lens for BlackMagic Cinema EF

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  • Works with 58mm lenses
  • Amplification factor 4x
  • Front diameter of 72mm
  • Close up macro lens
SKU: DI4040   MPN: MACRO584  EAN: 8436537142562

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The Gloxy 58mm Macro 4.0X conversion lens is one of the most simple and inexpensive ways to start up in macro photography. This macro 4.0X lens is a close-up lens with a conversion factor of 4x, the conversion lens screws onto the front of an existing lens transforming it into macro lens. A conversion lens increases the size of the image you see through the lens allowing it to appear bigger.


Gloxy 4X Macro Lens for BlackMagic Cinema EF

Photograph by José Luis Buendía


Product features:

  • Conversion factor of 4x
  • When attached to the camera´s lens acts as a magnifier enlarging the subject / object to be photographed x4. 
  • Compatible with cameras and camcorders with a 58mm, 55mm and 52mm lens diameter. 
  • The lens does not reduce the amount of light reaching the camera sensor. 
  • The most simple and economical solution for beginners in the world of macro photography.

This Gloxy macro lens is a simple and economical alternative to get started off in the world of macro photography. The lens will transform an existing lens it into a macro lens without changing or replacing the lens that is connected to the camera.

Should you be looking at trying macro photography before you finally make the jump in to a specialised expensive alternative, this is a more affordable choice. The Gloxy lens operates as a magnifier enlarging the subject or object to be photographed. The close-up lens is very easy to use, all you have to do is screw the Gloxy convertor on to the front of the lens. Once it has been attached, it becomes a macro lens and will magnify the subject or object that you can see through the lens, in simple terms the lens actually functions as a magnifying glass might.

A Gloxy 58mm macro lens has a conversion factor of  4x. As a consequence of this close-up Gloxy lens you can observe details that are genrally invisible to the naked eye. 

Another advantage of this type of lens is that they do not reduce the total amount of light reaching the sensor, so it will not be necessary to increase the exposure time or use a larger diaphragm aperture. Its handy size and weight allow you to keep in your bag and take it anywhere.

Gloxy 4X Macro Lens for BlackMagic Cinema EF

Photograph by canquel

This lens is compatible with camcorders that have a filter thread of  58mm in diameter. The front lens diameter is 72mm. Macro photography is usually associated with photography of flowers and insects, having said that this type of photography is not constrained to these types of photographs and you can use it for any smaller object.

A macro lens is used in jewellery for shooting precious gems, and is incredibly well made use of in the field of cuisine and to photograph meals and are even used in science and technology.

Additional Info

SKU DI4040
Model MACRO584
Product details
Conversion Factor 4.0x
Compatibility Lenses of 58mm diameter

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Gloxy 4X Macro Lens for BlackMagic Cinema EF What's included

  • Gloxy 4x Macro lens
  • Front and back lens caps
  • Protection pouch
  • Cleaning cloth
  • 5 years warranty
  • Step down rings for 55mm and 52mm