Gloxy Audio Kit

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  • Great sound for your videos
  • Totally professional results
  • For recording ambient sound
  • Connect via a 3.5mm mini jack
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This Gloxy Audio Kit includes two very light Gloxy audio microphones so you can adapt to any situation and obtain a completely professional sound whenever recording with your SLR camera. Included are a Gloxy GX-M200PRO unidirectional microphone and a Gloxy GX-M20 stereo microphone.

The Gloxy unidirectional microphone allows you to record sound flawlessly; in what we would consider the front section of the microphone. It has the ability to respond to less sensitive sounds that come from the rear and an ability to avoid ambient sounds (noise). This is ideal for recording sounds such as a conversation and is a super-cardioid microphone, this is where we get sensitivity to sound depending on the area where the sound originates from.

Using the Gloxy GX-M200PRO microphone is extremely comfortable and easy. It is compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders and audio recorders. It is very light and fits into your camera´s hot shoe; Just connect the microphone 3.5mm cable to the camera or camcorder.


Gloxy Audio Kit


Product features:

  • The microphones are incredibly light, and work via the camera´s hot shoe.
  • Includes an absorbent Deadcat, spare rubber bands and cases.
  • A unidirectional microphone and a super cardioid stereo microphone.
  • Includes a standard universal thread of 1/4 ", compatible with 3.5mm mini jack connections.
  • Integrated damping support helps to prevent direct contact between the microphone and camera, to avoid vibrations or sounds from the camera.
  • Compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders and audio recorders.

Gloxy Audio Kit

The Gloxy GX-M20 stereo microphone is a super cardioid type stereo microphone that provides unrivaled sound quality, it features a significant transmission range in addition to a greater level of rejection of noise from the rear to ensure you get outstanding sound quality, so it is ideal for capturing ambient sound with unmatched quality and has a large transmission range. Here you can see the polar diagram to ascertain the difference:

Gloxy Audio Kit

Enjoy high quality sound for your videos; you'll be ready for any situation and any type of scene and you will always get the best results

Gloxy Audio Kit


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Gloxy Audio Kit
Compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders and audio recorders
Get a fully professional sound for your videos
One of the lightest microphones on the marketplace
Perfect for recording high-quality surround sound
Integrated support to prevent vibration damping
It connects via a 3.5mm mini jack cable
Gloxy Audio Kit
Super cardioid unidirectional microphone
Very lightweight: perfect for use with a pole or mounted on the camera
Support damping to avoid camera shake
Compatible with DSLR cameras, camcorders and audio recorders
Very appropriate to record frontal sounds
It connects via a 3.5mm mini jack cable

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Gloxy Audio Kit What's included

  • Gloxy M200PRO GX-directional microphone
  • Gloxy GX-M20 Stereo microphone
  • 2 Absorbent Deadcat covers
  • Two rubber bands
  • 2 Cases
  • 2 Instruction Manuals