Eyelead Low Carbon Cleaning kit

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  • Easily clean lenses
  • Anti-static cloth
  • Cleaning fluid with no alcohol
  • Remove oil and grease
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The Eyelead Low Carbon Cleaning kit is the ideal solution for helping to thoroughly clean lenses, cameras, computer screens and television screens. The Eyelead ASCF-1 cleaning liquid for sensors is specifically intended to successfully clean sensors and mirrors of DSLR's on the subsequent brands of cameras including Olympus, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Sony and more.

Additionally it is extremely helpful for cleaning up all kinds of display screens. Eyelead ASCF-1 cleaning liquid for sensors is completely alcohol free, for this reason it actually leaves no streaks whatsoever. The Eyelead ASCF-1 cleaning liquid actually leaves behind an antistatic covering that is going to reject dust and dirt in the future.

Eyelead Low Carbon Cleaning kit 

The Eyelead Low Carbon Cleaning kit is an essential item for an substantial cleaning of DSLR lenses


Product features:

  • 1 Bottle of 15ml Eyelead cleaning liquid with no alcohol that leaves no streaks.
  • 1 Eyelead Airblower S with small mouthpiece in order to access every single part of the camera with Eyelead's special filter system.
  • 5 Humid cleaning wipes, ideal to clean the exterior of your camera, lenses or filters. Does not have alcohol and leaves no streaks.
  • 5 Dry antistatic cleaning wipes.
  • 1 Antistatic microfiber cloth (20cm x 20cm) that atracts dust and powder.
  • 1 PVC bag with zip fastener, to safely carry your cleaning products.


It can be used with Eyelead's cleaning swabs, the fluid is supplied in spray form, in order to easily diffuse the product wherever you would like to, the Eyelead AB-1 air blower is constructed of high quality PVC, ideal for blowing dust from optical devices, lenses, camcorders, electronic devices, cameras, motherboards etc, the blower includes an integrated dust filter.

Just use the blower in a bright environment, keep your mouth at least 1-2cm away from the item you are cleaning. The Eyelead Airblower provides a dust filter at the lower end that puts a stop to dust from leaving the air blower when using it. Remember that other air blowers are deprived of this filter, and dust that may have got into the air blower will just be blown back onto the surface area you happen to be attempting to clean.


Eyelead Low Carbon Cleaning kit

Using moist cleaning wipes, it is possible to eliminate fingerprints and oil residues easily


Additionally, 5 humid cleaning wipes are bundled in this kit, excellent to clean up the exterior of your camera, lenses or filters. These types of wipes do not possess alcohol and leave no streaks. These types of cleaning wipes can disolve grease to leave a superb finish on plastic and glass lenses, video cameras, binoculars, TV and personal computer screens

The included 5 dry antistatic cleaning wipes are suitable for cleaning, because they conveniently eliminate stubborn dirt and dust whilst leaving behind a layer of anti-static film on the object to avoid future dust and dirt settling, and are separately packaged to avoid drying-out and fit effortlessly into any spectacle type case. The wipes may also be used to completely clean other glass surfaces. You are going to be astonished just how many uses they have throughout the home and place of work.

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SKU DI2165

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Eyelead Low Carbon Cleaning kit What's included

  • 1 x Bottle of 15ml Eyelead cleaning liquid
  • 1 x Eyelead Airblower S
  • 5 x Humid cleaning wipes
  • 5 x Dry antistatic cleaning wipes
  • 1 x Antistatic microfiber cloth
  • 1 x PVC bag