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Eyelead 48 LED Ring Light

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  • 48 high performance LED´s
  • 3 Coloured filters
  • Ideal for product photography
SKU: DI2292   MPN:   EAN: 4719757721552

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The Eyelead 48 LED Ring Light has been developed to assist you to get considerably better macro photos. This ring light fits surrounding the lens of your camera and can provide light for the item you would like to photograph. The Eyelead 48 LED Ring Light is supplied with three coloured rings which you can put over the led lights to alter the colour of the light, it will provide you with the chance to experiment with various colour tones.

Eyelead 48 LED Ring Light

The Eyelead 48 LED Ring Light will provide you with uniform bright illumination


Product features:

  • Ring light using 48 high performance and lower consumption led lights.
  • 3 various modes: right, left and all.
  • 130 lux with 48 leds and 110 lux with 24 leds. With 3 coloured filters (blue, white and yellow).
  • Adapter for rechargeable AA batteries (batteries not included).
  • 8 adapter rings intended for thread sizes: 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72 and 77mm.

An Eyelead 48 LED ring light is a flash which is created with the flash tube running around in a big circle. The center is hollowed and also is usually where a photographer puts their lens to achieve the optimum results of the ring flash influence.

The flashes had been initially created for dental care use in order that dental practitioners could evenly light up a patient’s teeth. The most recognized and acknowledged method of making use of a ring flash is to place it on to the lens, but it is also suitable for macro and product photography.

It's the ideal item to further improve the light when taking macro shots. It has been particularly created to take images at a really short distance, from 3-100cm away. Due to the proximity of the flash to the object to be photographed, the light source provided is a source of uniform light that will illuminate the subject evenly, causing a lot softer lighting effect than other types of flashes. The Eyelead ring light is primarily used in macro photography but is also very practical in portrait photography to produce a brighter appearance of the skin. 


Eyelead 48 LED Ring Light

The light features 8 adapter rings for thread sizes: 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72 and 77mm.

The light will fit round the lens, particularly to use in macro (or close-up) photography. Its most significant feature is supplying even illumination with very few shadows noticeable in the image, since the origin of the light is extremely close to (and surrounds) the optical axis of your lens. The most popular use for a small ring flash is by using it to produce a delicate fill light. Considering that the light is coming from 100% on-axis, it provides very little impact on the scene apart from providing supplemental light.

Ring flashes are additionally really well-known in portrait and fashion photography. Along with softening shadows and producing circular highlights within the model's eyes, a unique approach which a ring flash renders light provides the model a shadowy halo, this is a widespread attribute in fashion photography.

Additional Info

SKU DI2292
Technical Details
Color temperature 5500K / 6500K aprox.
Energy Control
Number of batteries supported 2
Type of battery AA
Colour Black

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